experienced guides

We know what an impact it makes to have a real friend take you inside a place. Over time, we have gathered a community of extraordinary partners to welcome our travelers. They are rooted in their communities, and their roots nourish your experience as a link between you and the authentic encounters you seek. They are a part of the Journeys family just like you are. 

Journeys guides are passionate about sharing their home countries and their specialized knowledge with you. They do this work because they love the challenge, the friendships with travelers, and the opportunities to continue learning.

When you experience your guides’ determination, skill, compassion, and masterful leadership, we know you will appreciate them as much as we do.

Get to know our guides; they look forward to getting to know you!

Marco Fallas, Costa Rica

Marco is a naturalist guide in Costa Rica, and the story that moves us most is his own. Marco was a high achiever in school and had dreams of being a lawyer, but his family didn't have enough money to fund his continued education. So, he left school when he was 12 and worked with his grandfather in the fields.


Narayan Kumar Shrestha, Nepal

Born in the Arun Valley of eastern Nepal, Narayan first met Journeys founder Will Weber when Narayan was a student and Will was a Peace Corps Volunteer high school math and science teacher in a nearby village. As a child Narayan often joined his father in searching for evidence of the first human occupants of...


Avijit Sarkhel, India

Avijit Sarkhel (or "Avi") has been guiding wildlife tours in India for many years. He is from Kolkata (Calcutta), but now lives in New Delhi. Avi considers himself “a naturalist by choice”: he has weaved his great love for nature into a satisfying career after earning degrees in economics, travel and tourism management, and ornithology...


Ihab Zaki, Egypt

Ihab Zaki is an Egyptian living in Michigan as a representative of his family’s business in Egypt. He dropped into our office nearly 30 years ago, and we have been friends ever since. Over the years he has built a remarkably extensive knowledge base and organizational network that has enabled Journeys to send travelers not just to Egypt, but also ...


Wangchook and Norboo, Ladakh

Journeys travelers have been visiting Ladakh since 1981, when we began working with Wangchook and Norboo. They bring you to visit their home villages, the Buddhist monasteries they support, and introduce you to their friends and neighbors. Ladakh has changed a bit over the years, but the tradition of local hospitality Wangchook and their families provide has deepened and grown as the opportunities to explore this area of the Tibetan Plateau continue to expand...


Paul Tamwenya, Rwanda and Uganda

Paul Tamwenya loves leading Journeys trips in Rwanda and Uganda. He came to our attention when he stopped to aid a broken-down vehicle of ours in Uganda. Paul picked up six of our travelers in his van, and took us to where we could meet a new vehicle. We were immediately impressed both by his courtesy and the breadth of his local knowledge...