Customer Testimonials


“Our trip to China was definitely the trip of a lifetime.  Even our son, the world traveler, admitted that the tours took him to some places he would not have seen on his own.  The arrangements were flawless and dependable.  Thanks!”

- Florence Nelson, Active China


“JOURNEYS is so good on the Himalayan trips, I feel no need to look elsewhere. All so well planned. Wonderful guides & Staff, every time.”

- Paula Gravatt, Mustang Tiji Festival Trek


 “Our Botswana trip was 100% excellent!!  You have a group of 9 satisfied customers!"

- Susan Dawson, Private Party Trip


“I experienced the trip of a lifetime.  I know I will eventually take more exotic trips in the near future, but the first-time thrill of this trip cannot be repeated.  I know how hard you worked to make that happen and I cannot thank you enough”.

-Carol Riedner, Guatemala Kits & Crafts


"This opportunity to make friends and communicate through a local guide is extremely educational...this is a particular advantage when taking a trip with a company like JOURNEYS."

- John Trembley, Irian Jaya Indonesia


“How does JOURNEYS compare? THE BEST!!!”

- Mary Holte, Grand Guatemala