Wildlife Adventures
Classic Uganda and Rwanda
Tracking gorillas and chimps in the Virungas and Bwindi
Land Cost: $7,164 - $7,960
Activity Level: 4
Dates: 12 upcoming departures or Privately on Request
Duration: 12 days
Join a small group to visit the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, Mgahina, and Volcanoes National Park, see the chimps of Kyambura Gorge, and go on a safari in fabled Queen Elizabeth Park.
Wildlife Adventures
Four-day Gorilla Adventure
Experience the Mountain Gorillas in native habitat as an add-on to your longer safari
Land Cost: $3,417 - $3,797
Activity Level: 5
Dates: 39 upcoming departures or Privately on Request
Duration: 4 days
For those fortunate enough to do this, spending time up close with mountain gorillas is a lifetime highlight. This four-day trip allows enough time in stunning Parc National des Volcans for one or two gorilla treks and other natural and cultural encounters as well.
Wildlife Adventures
Gorillas in the Virungas and Bwindi
Short safari in Uganda and Rwanda with up to four gorilla visits and varied exploration
Land Cost: $6,478
Activity Level: 4
Dates: 14 upcoming departures or Privately on Request
Duration: 8 days
Meet your ancestors on this chimp- and gorilla-focused trip featuring reserved permits, high standard accommodation, and the best guides and vehicles.
Journeys Signature Trips
Primates and Parrots in Uganda and Rwanda
Queen Elizabeth and Volcanoes National Parks, Murchison Falls, Kibale, and Bwindi
Land Cost: $7,295
Activity Level: 4
Dates: 6 upcoming departures
Duration: 14 days
Join expert naturalist guide Paul Tamwenya on the most complete Rwanda and Uganda nature trip available. This is a very special opportunity for birding, photography, and gorilla viewing.


A tiny, landlocked republic in Equatorial Africa, Rwanda lies on the eastern rim of the Albertine Rift and the watershed between Africa’s two largest river systems: the Nile and the Congo. Often called the "land of a thousand hills," Rwanda is a mountainous country with a moist, temperate year-round climate. Rwanda and Uganda are "must visit" destinations for viewing the last-remaining Mountain Gorillas in the world. Rwanda has made great progress in healing since the genocide of 1991.  The country is safe, welcoming and surprisingly prosperous and free of corruption. Roads are  good and the gorilla viewing, while expensive, is very well-managed. The best times to travel to Rwanda are December to March and May to September. Gorilla viewing permits must be reserved far in advance.