Active Adventures
Patagonia: Peaks, Plateaus & Glaciers
Active Exploration of Southernmost Chile and Argentina
Land Cost: $5,290
Activity Level: 5
Dates: Dec 26, 2015-Jan 4, 2016 or Privately on Request
Duration: 10 days
Ring in 2016 at the far end of the Andes. Few places on earth can compete with the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of this wild, pristine place. Extend for a grand time in Buenos Aires.
Scenic Adventures
Oases of Chile: Atacama & Patagonia
Explore the rare, remote, and wild geologic wonders of northern and southern Chile
Land Cost: $6,430
Activity Level: 4
Dates: Privately on Request
Duration: 12 days
Zipline through wine country. Climb sandstone hills and granite spires. Witness geothermal geysers. Circumnavigate blue lagoons. Encounter vast glaciers. Experience the vast range of Chile's landscapes with an adventure including the Atacama Desert of the north and the Patagonian Andes in the south.
Scenic Adventures
Patagonia Discovery Safari
Delightful exploration of Chile's Lake District and Torres del Paine National Park
Land Cost: $5,235
Activity Level: 4
Dates: Daily departures, September to April
Duration: 11 days
Choose your excursions around the Lake District and among the granite spires of Torres del Paine. Options include horseback riding, hiking, biking, boating, and more. Find yourself along towering glaciers, beside turquoise lagoons, and amidst breathtaking panoramas of the Andes.
Active Adventures
Torres del Paine Trek
Circumnavigate Patagonia's most famous massif in southern Chile
Land Cost: $4,250
Activity Level: 5
Dates: Friday weekly departures, October to April.
Duration: 11 days
This famous hike of Southern Chile circles the the most scenic mountains in the southern Andes. Delight in spectacular trekking by day and comfortable ecocamps and rustic refugios at night.


Travel to Chile opens a world of active adventure possibilities. Birding, hiking, and photography opportunities abound. We prefer small ecolodges and small expertly-guided groups to reveal all of Chile's dramatic and enticing aspects. From the glaciers and fjords of Patagonia and the Andes Mountains which isolate Chile from its neighbors, to the Atacama Desert in the north, and out to isolated Easter Island, Chile will surprise you.

Enjoy opportunities to hike and trek at various difficulty levels, ride horseback, raft and kayak, and observe wildlife. Chile is a great family trip destination, and is easily combined with travel to Argentina, Peru, Brazil and even Antarctica.