Wildlife Adventures
Panama Discovery - Highlands to the Sea
Panama Canal watershed, Chiriqui highlands, and Bocas del Toro
Land Cost: $2,895
Activity Level: 2
Dates: 4 upcoming departures
Duration: 8 days
Sample and savor Panama's natural and engineering wonders from seashore to rain forest and volcanic mountains.
Cultural Adventures
Panama Golden Isthmus Odyssey
Engage the wildlife and explore the environs of the Panama Canal watershed
Land Cost: $3,550
Activity Level: 2
Dates: 4 upcoming departures or Privately on Request
Duration: 10 days
Where North and South America meet, diversity is squeezed and concentrated in a geographic sandwich of rain forest, waterways, reefs, islands, volcanoes, and native communities.
Journeys for Families
Embera Indians
Pure Panama Adventure for Families
Up-close and hands-on at the Panama Canal, in the highlands, and on the coast
Land Cost: $1,890 - $3,450
Activity Level: 1
Dates: 3 upcoming departures
Duration: 9 days
Panama comes alive on this active and engaging family tour as you traverse the country's waterways, hike into lush cloud forests, snorkel over coral reefs, and visit indigenous villages. Always accompanied by a kid-friendly naturalist guide.
Journeys for Families
¡Th’isthmus Be Panama For Families!
bicycling, boat and cultural tours, ziplining and the panama canal
Land Cost: $1,945 - $3,450
Activity Level: 2
Dates: Mar 26-Apr 2, 2016 or Privately on Request
Duration: 8 days
There is literally no other place on the planet that offers the wonders of Panama. The land mass of this small nation is the bridge between continents, and its canal links two oceans. With lush...
Scenic Adventures
Peninsula of Pacific Perfection
Revel and relax in the nature and culture of Panama's little-known Azuero
Land Cost: $2,950
Activity Level: 1
Dates: Privately on Request
Duration: 8 days
After a historical introduction to Panama and the Panama Canal, you'll seek escape and adventure on the Azuero Península. Known for great beaches, folklore, natural areas, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, turtles, and horseback riding, you will have your offer your of pleasures.


Travel to Panama for exceptionally accessible rain forest and amazing diversity. You will explore the most natural areas of the Panama Canal searching for birds and animals in Gatun Lake. Expert naturalist guides always find lots of monkeys and other mammals. Choose to stay in Panama City’s fine hotels by night and seek the wildness of vast jungles just a few minutes away. No place on earth is better for birding. Panama offers ecotourism at its natural best.