Captivating Cambodia
History, culture, and pride in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat
Land Cost: $1,795
Activity Level: 1
Dates: 5 upcoming departures
Duration: 8 days
Discover the enduring wonders of Angkor Wat and the unfailing hospitality of Buddhist people successfully emerging from a recent tragic history.
Highlights of Southeast Asia
Massive temples, ancient ruins, awe-inspiring landscapes, and local hospitality
Land Cost: $3,250 - $3,750
Activity Level: 1
Dates: 4 upcoming departures
Duration: 15 days
This itinerary is perfect for those interested in a cultural, historical, and recreational sampling of Southeast Asia. Fascinating temples, bustling cities, and quaint local villages are among some...
Savoring Southeast Asia
Stimulate the senses in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam
Land Cost: $5,295 - $5,895
Activity Level: 1
Dates: 2 upcoming departures
Duration: 20 days
Tour temples. Cruise the Mekong River. Attend a traditional Vietnamese puppet show. This is a comprehensive overview of Southeast Asia packed full with a wide variety of cultural, historical, and...


Cambodia travel simply must include Angkor Wat, but the best Cambodia tours include much more. Friendly local guides can help you pursue your specific travel interests in birding, music, art, phtography, food, history and culture. JOURNEYS’ Cambodia trips for small groups feature the best, small modern lodges and hotels and opportunities to explore ruins and villages at a leisurely pace. Travel to some of the more remote natural and best cultural areas of Cambodia not included on most tours. Our Cambodia trips emphasize safety, early starts and meeting your travel desires. Your personalized Cambodia tour combines well with trips to Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and Laos. Ask us about multi-country trips to these destinations. October to March is the best weather season in Cambodia, but JOURNEYS can help you visit any time of year.