Cultural Adventures
China's Wonders, Past and Present
Explore the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, the Yangtze River, Shanghai, and Hong Kong
Land Cost: $4,250 - $4,750
Activity Level: 1
Dates: 2 upcoming departures or Privately on Request
Duration: 15 days
Explore historic, cultural, and scenic treasures of China on foot, by tram, ferry, bicycle, river boat, train, and van in a small group with an expert guide.
Journeys for Families
Enchanted China for Families
Giant Pandas, terracotta warriors, hutongs, bicycles, pedal cabs and the Great Wall
Land Cost: $2,650 - $3,650
Activity Level: 2
Dates: 2 upcoming departures or Privately on Request
Duration: 12 days
This itinerary includes the absolute must-see's as well as fun activities and whimsical attractions beloved by Chinese families. Begin in Hong Kong. Visit the Giant Pandas in Chengdu. See the terracotta warriors in Xi'an. Hike the Great Wall.
Journeys Signature Trips
Finding Forgotten China
Yangshaou, Longshen, Zhaoxing, Rongjiang and other remote hamlets
Land Cost: $3,950
Activity Level: 2
Dates: Oct 12-22, 2015 or Privately on Request
Duration: 11 days
Traditions, cultures and visions of ancient China and of the Dong, Miao and other tribes are still accessible to travelers willing to venture deep into rural and mountainous regions. Enjoy direct contact with people in traditional dress and exceptional opportunities for cultural and landscape photography.
Journeys Signature Trips
Great Gorges and Sacred Peaks
National parks of Yunnan and the trails of Mt. Kawagebo
Land Cost: $3,775
Activity Level: 4
Dates: Oct 12-24, 2015 Tour operates May-Jun; Oct-Nov or Privately on Request
Duration: 13 days
Hike through wild, remote Buddhist villages and Himalayan valleys, past great glaciers, and through vast forests at the headwaters of Asia's greatest rivers.
Cultural Adventures
Tracing the Ancient Silk Route
Xian to Kashgar via Lanzhou, Xiahe, Jiayuguan, the Western Desert, and Dunhuang
Land Cost: $3,950 - $4,750
Activity Level: 3
Dates: Sep 7-21, 2015 or Privately on Request
Duration: 15 days
Travel in modern, comfortable style on the legendary Silk Road, along which camel caravans plodded a thousand years ago.
Cultural Adventures
Yunnan Jade Dragon Journey
Fables and foods, peoples and pleasures, in the Land of Eternal Spring
Land Cost: $3,300 - $3,600
Activity Level: 2
Dates: 3 upcoming departures
Duration: 12 days
Explore southern China's Yunnan Province, a feast of natural, scenic, and cultural diversity born of Himalayan mountains, deep valleys, and a history of isolation, Buddhist heritage, and adaptation.


JOURNEYS' China travel programs offer opportunities for in-depth ecotravel experiences in choice culturally, historically and scenically rich locales. Engage the people and explore the issues and the environments and culture of China, the planet's most populous nation. Our thoughtful, articulate, English-speaking guides lead well-paced, active and adventurous group trips with frequent departures. Visit China, including the Three Gorges, Beijing, Yunan, Tibet and Hong Kong on your own custom, private, individual or family trip.