Active Adventures
Himalayan High Meadows Trek
The remote Markha Valley and superb mountain vistas from Nymaling
Land Cost: $4,350
Activity Level: 4
Dates: Jul 14-31, 2016 or Privately on Request
Duration: 18 days
If you can trek and have interest in Tibet or Buddhism, this adventure may be the most amazing travel experience. The remote Markha Valley and superb mountain vistas from Nymaling. Our incomparable Ladakhi guides is why we have offered this trip for 26 years.
Journeys Signature Trips
Spot the elusive snow leopard
In Search of the Snow Leopard
Tracking and photographing high-altitude mammals and their predators
Land Cost: $4,750
Activity Level: 5
Dates: Jan 31-Feb 16, 2016 or Privately on Request
Duration: 17 days
JOURNEYS senior naturalist-guide Avi Sarkhel has been monitoring a particular Snow Leopard population in Ladakh. Observing and photographing these Snow Leopards will be the main goal of this trip. Spot other mammals and birds as well, and enjoy traditional Ladakhi hospitality.
Scenic Adventures
Ladakh Indus Valley Odyssey
Spectacular palaces, ancient monasteries and friendly villages
Land Cost: $2,250
Activity Level: 3
Dates: Jul 14-21, 2016 or Privately on Request
Duration: 8 days
This non-trekking trip goes deep into the culture and Buddhist heritage of Ladakh. You'll be welcomed in the homes of your guide's family. This is a very personalized visit to a hospitable, little-known, part of the planet.
Journeys Signature Trips
Northern Ladakh Trek
A pilgrimage path over moderately high passes between self-sufficient Buddhist villages
Land Cost: $3,250
Activity Level: 4
Dates: 2 upcoming departures or Privately on Request
Duration: 13 days
Our easiest Ladakh trek invites you over passes festooned with colorful prayer flags to villages and isolated monasteries where you can linger as you like. Easily adapted to more or fewer days in length.


A trip to Ladakh in northernmost India brings you to the most authentic, traditional, fascinating Tibetan Buddhist communities on earth. Ladakh is separated culturally, geographically, and politically from Hindu and Muslim areas of India. In Ladakh, you can explore the tranquility of remote Buddhist communities, ancient monasteries, and wild mountains where snow leopards still roam. Ladakh is the best place in India to travel for cultural interactions with highland Buddhist people. Ladakh trips reward the patient and persistent ecotourist with incomparable experiences, friendships and memories. Visit safe, compassionate, beautiful, remote, ancient Ladakh on a tour with JOURNEYS.