Antarctic Explorer

The Antarctic peninsula with options for active adventure


Experience Antarctica beyond the view from your ship’s deck. Each departure will test your endurance and engage your curiosity with an average of two off-ship activities per day while in the Antarctic peninsula and South Shetland Islands. Depending on the date and weather conditions, you’ll have opportunities for camping, kayaking, mountaineering, and cross-country skiing while appreciating the penguins, whales, and icy landscapes that are must-sees on this mysterious continent.  The trip will also be enhanced by an onboard education program that covers everything from identifying the seabirds you’ll see to the future of the Antarctic. Whether you choose to strap on a harness for a polar plunge into Neko Harbor, get your heart pumping with a hike to the region’s snowy hilltops, or just take in the sights and sounds of the White Continent, this is one Antarctic adventure that you’ll never forget.



  • Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina

    Ushuaia sits in a beautiful setting at the foot of the Andes. Relax at a sidewalk café and soak up that “end of the world feeling” of this frontier town before spending a night at the host hotel.

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  • Day 2: Embarkation Day
    Your Antarctic home

    Board the ship in the late afternoon for the voyage through the Beagle Channel to the Drake Passage. Keep watch on deck for seabirds, penguins, and rainbows.

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  • Days 3-4: The Drake Passage
    Small iceberg in the Drake Passage.

    Anticipation mounts crossing the Drake Passage. Participate in briefings and presentations on the Antarctic ecosystem, then watch for seabirds and marine mammals from the bridge or deck while the majesty of the Southern Ocean surrounds you.

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  • Days 5-8: Antartic Peninsula/S. Shetland Islands
    Penguins everywhere.

    Many factors play a role in shaping the expedition's progress. You may leave the ship to explore a range of activities. Perhaps, you'll feel salt spray on your face as the Zodiac weaves in and around grounded icebergs in Pleneau Bay. You could scramble to the top of a craggy hill for an unforgettable view, near Port Lockroy. You could sit quietly on a pebbled beach to wait for a curious penguin chick to approach, or take a plunge into the icy waters of Neko Harbor.

    Explore the highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula with adventurers who enjoy camping, kayaking, cross-country skiing, mountaineering and other active pursuits. Over the course of the austral spring and summer, the sun lingers longer, melting snow and ice. Wildlife abounds: chicks hatch and fledge, and pods of whales breach in a deep bay where a calving iceberg has churned up krill, the local delicacy.

    The natural cycle of life ensures that every expedition is different, and every expedition is full of surprises! In Antarctica, silence is so complete that interruptions become indelible memories; noisy penguins squabbling over prized pebbles, the boom and crack of a calving glacier near Petermann Island. Then there is the sound of breathing as your arms pump and your legs power you up an incline on cross-country skis. As you sail from island to shore to bay during four days in the Peninsula, the Expedition Team provides opportunities for contemplation, to test your endurance, and to engage your curiosity.

  • Days 9-10: Drake Passage to Ushuaia

    Returning to Ushuaia across the Drake Passage, you know you are one of the people in the world that have visited Antarctica. The adventure will be with you forever. You may already be thinking of a return trip – as many have found before, the lure of Antarctica is a strong one.

    Note: Please note that on twelve day expeditions, an extra day is spent in the Antarctic peninsula.

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  • Day 11: Ushuaia and Onward

    Disembark in Ushuaia and transfer to the airport for your trip home or onward.

Price and Date Details

Price and Date Details

Nov 4-14, 2014 Ocean Diamond
Nov 7-17, 2014 Sea Spirit
Nov 16-26, 2014 Sea Adventurer
Nov 26-Dec 6, 2014 Sea Adventurer
Dec 2-12, 2014 Ocean Diamond
Dec 5-15, 2014 Sea Spirit
Dec 6-16, 2014 Sea Adventurer
Dec 11-21, 2014 Ocean Diamond
Dec 20-30, 2014 Ocean Diamond
Dec 29, 2014-Jan 8, 2015 Ocean Diamond
Jan 7-17, 2015 Sea Spirit
Feb 4-14, 2015 Sea Spirit
Feb 22-Mar 4, 2015Wait Sea Spirit
Mar 4-14, 2015 Sea Spirit
Land Cost:
- $19,295
Fuel surcharge may apply
Single Supplement:
twin cabin available for an additional 70% of the cabin cost; no supplement if willing to share
Need to Know

Need to Know

2014-2015 Expedition Dates & Prices

All rates are per person in US dollars, based on shared occupancy (unless otherwise listed). Single occupancy of selected twin cabins is available for an additional 70% of the cabin cost

Options for sea kayaking and camping are offered on most all departures.  Mountaineering and cross-country skiing are offered on select departure on the Ocean Diamond. 



Nov 7-Nov 18, 2014 Sea Spirit 12 days $7,595-14,595
Nov 16-Nov 27,2014 Sea Adventurer 12 days $5,995-10,995
Dec 2-Dec 12, 2014 Ocean Diamond 11 days $5,995-14,595
Dec 5-Dec 16, 2014 Sea Spirit 12 days $10,595-19,295
Dec 6-Dec 17, 2014 Sea Adventurer 12 days $6,995-14,995
Dec 11-Dec 21, 2014 Ocean Diamond 11 days $5,995-14,995
Dec 20-Dec 30, 2014 Ocean Diamond 11 days $6,995-15,995
Dec 29-Jan 8, 2015 Ocean Diamond 11 days $6,995-15,995
Jan 7-Jan 18, 2015 Sea Spirit 12 days $10,595-19,295
Feb 4-Feb 15, 2015 Sea Spirit 12 days $10,595-19,295
Mar 4-Mar 15, 2015 Sea Spirit 12 days $7,595-14,595



 Sea Adventurer

Date                                     Days Cabin
    Triple     Lower Deck Twin Main Deck Twin Porthole Main Deck Twin Window Superior Deluxe   Suite             
 Nov 16-27, 2014  12 $5,995 $7,995 $8,995 $9,995 $10,995 $11,995 $13,995
 Nov 26-Dec 7, 2014  12 $6,995 $8,995 $9,995 $10,995 $11,995 $12,995 $14,995
 Dec 6-Dec 17, 2014  12 $6,995 $8,995 $9,995 $10,995 $11,995 $12,995 $14,995

Sea Spirit

Date                          Days Cabin
                                                     Triple Main Deck     Classic Superior Deluxe    Suite      Owner's Suite          
 Nov 7-18, 2014 12  $7,595  $8,795  $9,295  $10,595  $11,595  $12,995  $14,595
 Dec 5-Dec 16, 2014 12   $10,595 $12,295   $13,295  $14,295  $16,295  $17,595  $19,295
 Jan 7--18, 2015 12   $10,995  $12,295   $13,295  $14,295  $16,295   $17,595  $19,295
 Feb 4-15, 2014 12    $10,595  $12,295   $13,295  $14,295  $16,295   $17,595  $19,295
 Mar 4-15, 2015 12   $7,595  $12,295   $9,295  $10,595   $11,595  $12,995  $14,595


Ocean Diamond

Date                                  Days Cabin
     Triple  Twin


Obst View
Suite Balcony
 Nov 4-15, 2014  12  $5,595 $8,395  $13,995  $10,395  $13,995  $11,795  $13,995
 Dec 2-12, 2014  11  $5,995 $8,995   $14,295  $10,995  $14,295  $12,295  $14,995
 Dec 11-21, 2014  11  $5,995 $8,995   $14,295  $10,995 $14,295   $12,295  $14,995
 Dec 20-30, 2014  11  $6,995 $9,995   $15,295  $11,995  $15,295  $13,995  $15,995
 Dec 29- Jan 8, 2015  11  $6,995 $9,995   $15,295  $11,995  $15,295  $13,995  $15,995


Fuel Surcharge may apply



  • Intimate viewing of Antarctic wildlife, icebergs and more
  • All cabins have exterior views and facilities en suite.
  • Flat Screen TVs and DVD players in every cabin
  • Chefs pamper you with delicious meals, three times daily.
  • Remote headsets available for remote presentations.
  • Massage & Wellness Program, Photography Program
  • Polar Library & Expert in Residence Program
  • One-year enrollment in Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI)
  • All-inclusive beverage packages available
  • Speed of vessel saves up to 12 hours on Drake crossing. Giving you more time to enjoy Antarctica

Sail aboard the Ocean Diamond, a modern, stable super-yacht and experience Quark's Antarctica. Carrying a maximum of 189 passengers, this outstanding vessel features numerous adventure options plus onboard amenities such as a massage and wellness program and a well-stocked polar library. The Ocean Diamond is staffed with Quark’s legendary captains, officers, expedition leaders, and guides.



  • Only 122 guests.
  • 4 partially enclosed lifeboats.
  • Fleet of Zodiacs for shore transfers.
  • All cabins have exterior views and facilities en suite.
  • One dining room with unreserved seating.
  • Multi-purpose lounge and presentation room.
  • Ice-strengthened hull.
  • New for 2012-13: All-inclusive beverage packages

This Polar Adventure Ship was built in 1975. Clipper underwent a $13 million conversion in 1998. Her proud reputation is complimented by her well-appointed, elegance. Clipper Adventurer is the perfect expedition ship for people who enjoy soft adventures and creature comforts. All cabins have outside views and facilities en suite.

Sea Adventurer is equipped with Zodiacs for shore landings and ocean level cruising, yet offers fine dining, and cabins with exterior views and facilities en suite.


About the SEA SPIRIT

  • Quark's all-suite ship
  • Smallest suite is a spacious 215 square feet.
  • 15 suites have balconies.
  • Owner's Suite is an outstanding 550 sq. feet.
  • Flat Screen TVs and DVD players in every suite
  • Open bar
  • Every suite has an exterior view
  • 10MB communications access card included in every voyage

Sail aboard the remarkably comfortable Sea Spirit and experience Quark's Antarctica in grand style with spacious suites. Carrying a maximum of 112 passengers this outstanding vessel, approved for polar waters, is equipped with rubber inflatable boats - called RIBs - for shore transfers and cruising.


Optional Adventure Activities
**Confirmed at booking on a first-come, first-served basis.**

KAYAKING: Exploring the Peninsula by kayak is an unforgettable experience: plying inlets and waterways, you encounter penguins at water level and glide past massive icebergs, raising your paddle to hear the intense silence. We provide ideal kayaks for this environment: 5 m (16 ft) rudder-equipped Prijon tandem models, which are stable, tough and surprisingly comfortable. Up to 10 travelers per voyage will enjoy at least four kayak excursions, each led by two highly qualified instructors - with a Zodiac safety boat in constant communication, ready to assist if necessary. Possible kayaking sites include Hannah Point/Aitcho Islands, Deception Island, Port Lockroy, Neko Harbor, Paradise Bay and Lemaire Channel. On some voyages a combination of kayaking and ice camping is also available. (ask about pricing)

ICE CAMPING: Join the select few who’ve camped overnight on the pristine ice shelf of Antarctica. In keeping with our commitment to leave no trace, this is camping at its simplest: an expedition tent and sleeping bag; no fire or meals (you eat aboard the ship before we land); and around you the deepest silence imaginable, broken only by the call of a boastful penguin or the crack of ice breaking in the distance. Your Expedition Team handles all logistics for up to 20 campers on a single night ashore (as always, ice and weather permitting). We generally camp near Port Lockroy on the Neumayer Channel, carefully selecting the site to avoid disturbing wildlife or contaminating vegetation. (ask about pricing)

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: Another unforgettable way for 10 passengers to experience the spectacular landscapes of Antarctica is on a pair of cross-country skis. Traveling quickly and quietly under your own power, you can explore deeper into the White Continent than you’d be able to reach on foot, while taking advantage of the long hours of daylight. We supply the equipment and expert guides, you provide the energy, enthusiasm and ideally a bit of previous experience - and together we break trail (subject to weather conditions) through an incredible pristine world of snow and ice. (ask about pricing)

MOUNTAINEERING: If gazing up at spectacular Antarctic icebergs isn't awe-inspiring enough, you can always put your mountaineering skills to work and try climbing one of the ice cliffs. Our expert guides provide detailed briefings and all the equipment you need, then offer helpful direction as you climb. Maximum 10 participants. (ask about pricing)

11 days
The number of days, or duration, in a destination corresponds with the itinerary as published. This is the time period covered by the land cost. The total number of days includes the time required to travel between the USA and the destination country.
Comfort Level:
depends on cabin type chosen
Group Size:
The stated range indicates minimum required for guaranteed departure and maximum accepted on the scheduled dates. Exceptions can often be made for private departures.
Activity Level:
depends on cabin type chosen


Trip Extensions

Trip Extensions

Tierra del Fuego & Ushuaia

Duration: 4 days

This exploration of the Southern Andes is a great addition to an Antarctic cruise or a trek in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park.