Hike, kayak, and helicopter in Greenland, the world's largest island.  See the wildlife, culture, and historical sites that few tourists have the means or knowledge to explore.  Witness some of the grandest scenery on earth.  Throughout the country, towering mountains, dramatic glaciers, breathtaking icebergs, and tranquil fjords abound.  Adventure-minded travelers can enjoy the midnight sun while walking amid arctic flowers with views of icebergs floating by.

With no roads connecting far-flung towns and settlements, air transportation is the lifeline of the country. In the south, kayaking is an excellent way to see the ice and coast.  Greenland is vast and its season for land-based exploration is brief, but we are able to offer some of the best and most accessible environments for the most diverse experience possible. 

Consider a trip extension in Iceland, the most convenient transit destination from the USA.