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The Earth Preservation Fund (EPF) is a non-profit organization affiliated with Journeys International that supports conservation and community development projects in Journeys destinations. Since the founding of the EPF in 1979, just a year after the first Journeys trip, the organization has worked to preserve the natural and communal resources we enjoy most. Since then, the EPF has supported numerous community-based environmental, educational, and cultural preservation programs in collaboration with our friends and partners around the world.


Nepal Earthquake Relief Campaign: Our primary project 

Within hours of hearing the news about the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Journeys International went into action, working with our Journeys Nepal office to see how we could help quickly and efficiently. We began collecting donations through this webpage, and funneled them to our directors in Nepal, who set aside their tour guide duties and put their extensive knowledge of Nepal to work, buying and distributing supplies for the most devastated rural villages. 

With over $75,000 raised to date, we continue with this important relief aid, and are now evaluating opportunities to help rebuild Nepal. There are many ways to stay abreast of our efforts, both in the Ann Arbor headquarters and through the Journeys Nepal office:

Give to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Campaign online by credit card using this PayPal button:


Earth Preservation Fund General Campaign

Through its regular, ongoing work, the EPF supports at-risk orphans in Uganda, library and monastery restoration projects in Ladakh, conservation in the Galapagos Islands, tree planting in Peru's Sacred Valley, community-based tourism in Kenya, and more. All EPF-supported projects are small-scale and community initiated. Rather than working with larger conservation organizations that spend a large portion of their budget on fundraising activities, the EPF looks to support smaller projects where a contribution of up to $500 can make a significant difference. We assess all projects for long-term impact and viability.

All Journeys trips support the EPF. Travelers are encouraged to make additional contributions to the fund to support specific projects or the overall work of the organization. The EPF is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization so all contributions are tax-deductible, and because Journeys International covers all of EPF's overhead and admin fees, 100% of your donation will go directly to the EPF's projects

Give to the Earth Preservation Fund General Campaign online by credit card using this PayPal button:


If you prefer to mail a check to the Earth Preservation Fund

Earth Preservation Fund
Care of Journeys International
107 Aprill Dr, Ste 3
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Be sure to indicate on your check if you are sending a general donation or a gift for a specific project. 

We also accept electronic check payments made through your bank's website.