Ushuaia is the capital of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, and one of the world's southernmost cities. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Tierra del Fuego in a setting surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Beagle Channel.

The city was originally named by early British colonists after the name that the native Yámana people had for the area. For most of the first half of the 20th century, the city was centered around a prison for serious criminals. The Argentine government set up this prison following the example of the British with Australia: being a remote island, escape from a prison on Tierra del Fuego would have been impossible. The prisoners thus became forced colonists and spent much of their time cutting wood in the lands around the prison and building the town. They built a railway from the forests to the settlement, now used as a tourist train as the Tren del Fin del Mundo (End of the Earth Train), the southernmost railway in the world.

Interesting tourist attractions in Ushuaia include the Tierra del Fuego National Park, Lapataia Bay, Cape Horn, and observing local birds, penguins, and seawolves on the islands in the Beagle Channel. Another notable site is the Lighthouse at the End of the World (Faro del fin del mundo) at the Isla de los Estados, made famous by Jules Verne in the novel of the same name.


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