Aburra Valley

Aburrá Valley (in Spanish Valle de Aburrá), is the natural basin of the Medellín River and one of the most populous valleys of Colombia in its Andean Region with near 3 million inhabitants in its biggest urban agglomeration: the Metropolitan Area of Medellín. The valley is located on the Central Range, over the Antioquian Mountain just between the Magdalean and Cauca valleys from east to west. The name "Aburrá" comes from an ancient language spoken in the place by the "Aburreans" (Aburraes) before the Spaniards settled the place during the 16th century.

The valley is oriented from south to north being the south the highest level and the north the low level. The altitudes of the mountains around the valley (west and east mountains), can reach up to 2,800 meters above the sea level. The lowest level is 1,300 meters above the sea level. From its north natural limit to its southern part, the valley is 60 kilometers long, while there are several varieties in its wide, being the wider part the one that corresponds to the municipality of Medellín with 80 to 90 kilometers and the narrowest the part that corresponds to the municipality of Copacabana with 30 kilometers.

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