Berenty Reserve

Berenty Reserve

Berenty Reserve is a small private reserve of gallery forest along the Mandrare River, set in the semi-arid spiny forest ecoregion of the far south of Madagascar. For some years primatologist Alison Jolly and student volunteers have visited Berenty to conduct fieldwork on lemurs. The reserve is also a favourite for visitors who want to see some of Madagascar's endemic bird species, which include owls and couas.

Alison Jolly wrote about Berenty - and the de Heaulme family who set it up - in her book Lords & Lemurs: Mad Scientists, Kings With Spears, and the Survival of Diversity in Madagascar.

The reserve has accommodation in the forest and a set of forest trails to explore. It attracts the most visitors of any Madagascar nature reserve. It is reached after a two hour drive from Tolagnaro on the southeast coast.


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