Updated July 1, 2020

In an attempt to stimulate their economies and return to a sense of normalcy, each week more and more countries are announcing plans to re-open their borders. Health and safety precautions are vital to the success of travel and tourism around the globe. Here at Journeys, we are keeping our eyes peeled and our inboxes open to provide you with real-time information regarding your future travel destinations.

Countries with Verified Plans to Open Borders:


Benin – air borders are open with mandatory COVID-19 testing at traveler’s expense (~$165) and the traveler must self-isolate for 48 hours until the results are in. In the instance of a positive COVID-19 test, the traveler will undergo a government-mandated 14-day quarantine. All travelers will be tested again after 15 days.

Egypt – borders are open; mandatory temperature checks and 7-day self-isolation upon arrival. Electronic visas are currently being granted.

Ethiopia – borders are open; air passengers are being asked to complete a Health Declaration Form and must undergo a 7-day quarantine upon arrival at traveler’s expense (travelers can stay with family in Ethiopia if possible).

Rwanda – Airports are open for tourists, arrival by charter flight only. Must test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours prior to arrival. Additional testing will be required prior to visiting any tourist attraction.

Tanzania – borders are open; mandatory Health Surveillance Form and COVID-19 screening upon arrival


Cambodia – open for travel with strict requirements: 

  1. Travelers must arrive carrying a COVID-19 test result certificate with a negative result issued 72 hours (or less) prior to arrival
  2. Proof of medical coverage of at least $50,000
  3. All foreigners entering the country will be required to pay a $3000 deposit for mandatory COVID-19 testing and potential treatment services.
  4. Upon arrivals, all visitors will be tested and await their results in a government-determined location.
    • A positive test will result in quarantine in a government-designated location at the traveler’s expense.
      • If someone on an arriving flight tests positive for COVID-19, all passengers on the flight will be required to quarantine for 14 days.
    • If everyone on the flight tests negative, everyone will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days and take another test 14 days later.

South Korea – open borders; all travelers must undergo a 14-day quarantine at their own expense (~$100/night)


Closed to US citizens until further notice.

Latin America

Colombia – planning to open its borders on September 1st, 2020; policies for testing and/or quarantine pending

Ecuador – borders are open as of June 1st. All visitors are required to have a PCR COVID-19 test done within the 7 days before their arrival. Travelers must either undergo a 14-day quarantine on arrival, or a “safe passage” managed by the operator in Ecuador (i.e. Ecoventure) in order to not have to self-isolate. The COVID test requirement is expected to be lifted by the end of June. Travel to the Galapagos Islands is reopening on July 1st.

Galapagos Islands – opening to visitors on July 1st and National parks are now open! The islands will follow the same testing, transportation, and quarantine protocols as Ecuador.

Borders closed until further notice:


  • Botswana – no plans to resume commercial flights at this time
  • Ghana – borders are closed
  • Kenya – not open for tourism
  • Madagascar – flights in and out of the country remain suspended
  • Morocco – travel is suspended indefinitely; Health State of Emergency was extended to July 10
  • Namibia – all foreign travelers are currently banned
  • South Africa – borders are closed
  • Togo – borders are closed
  • Tunisia – borders are closed to US citizens but open to many other countries’ travelers
  • Uganda – borders are closed
  • Zimbabwe – borders are closed


  • Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan) – closed for international tourism
  • Bhutan – closed for tourism
  • Tajikistan – borders are closed
  • China – travel not permitted
  • India – closed for tourism
  • Japan – borders are closed
  • Laos – borders are closed until further notice
  • Mongolia – borders are closed
  • Myanmar – borders are closed until at least July 31
  • Nepal – closed for tourism
  • Singapore – borders closed for tourism
  • Sri Lanka – closed for tourism until at least mid-August
  • Thailand – closed for tourism
  • Tibet – borders are closed through 2020
  • Vietnam – borders are closed


The EU has banned US visitors until further notice.

  • Azores (Portugal) – borders are closed to US citizens
  • Croatia – borders are closed to non-European visitors
  • Czech Republic – borders are closed to non-European visitors
  • Estonia – borders are closed to Americans
  • Greece – borders are closed to US citizens
  • Iceland – borders are closed to US citizens
  • Italy – borders are closed to US citizens for tourism
  • Latvia – borders are closed to US citizens
  • Lithuania – borders are closed to US citizens
  • Norway – borders are closed to US citizens
  • Turkey – borders are closed to US citizens

Latin America

  • Argentina – borders are closed
  • Belize – borders are closed
  • Bolivia – borders closed until at least July 31st, 2020
  • Brazil – borders are closed until at least July 5th, 2020
  • Chile – borders are closed; there is talk about opening up in October 2020
  • Colombia – borders are closed; they are said to reopen on September 1st, 2020
  • Costa Rica – borders closed until at least August 1st, 2020
  • Cuba – travel restricted until August 1st, 2020
  • Guatemala – borders are closed
  • Mexico – borders are closed to non-essential travel until at least July 21
  • Panama – borders are closed; international and domestic flights suspended until July 22
  • Peru – borders are closed; Health State of Emergency until September 2020

Middle East

  • Iran – unclear; travel not advised
  • Israel – borders closed to non-citizens
  • Jordan – international flights are suspended until at least July 4th
  • Saudi Arabia – borders are closed

North and South Pole

  • Antarctica – no clear policies at this time
  • Arctic – 2020 trips have been suspended


  • Australia – borders are closed until further notice
  • Indonesia – reports indicate Bali may reopen before other islands, potentially in September but the date is still pending
  • Malaysia –  foreign travel restricted until at least August 31
  • New Zealand – borders closed until further notice; potential reciprocal opening only for Australian visitors in October
  • Papua New Guinea – borders are closed; national State of Emergency

The travel industry is facing a lot of uncertainty, and borders statuses change almost every day. If you hear news we are not yet reporting, or if you have any questions about the information above, please contact info@journeysinternational.com. We are ready to help in any way we can. Adventure awaits!