Bosawas Biosphere Reserve

Bosawas Biosphere Reserve

Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, located in the northern part of Nicaragua, is a hilly tropical forest designated in 1997 as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. At over 2 million hectares in size, the reserve comprises about 7% of the nation's total land area, is largely unexplored, and is extremely rich in biodiversity.

The name is derived from three natural features: the Bocay River, Mount Saslaya, and the Waspuk River. It includes all of Nicaragua's Saslaya National Park. The Isabella Mountains cross the reserve area, and the Coco River (Rio Coco) forms the northern border, which is also the political border with Honduras.

About 130,000 inhabitants practice subsistance farming within the boundaries, about 35,000 of them indigenous Miskito and Mayangna groups.


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