Togo & Benin



Togo and Benin, lying to the east of Ghana, are brimming with culture, beauty, and intrigue. Delight in the striking cultural diversity and rich, complex history abound. As both countries boast predominantly agricultural economies, you'll have plenty of opportunities to photograph the stunning rural countryside. Meet friendly locals, eager to teach you about traditional crafting, music, drama, and spiritual practice. Experience the ease of travel crossing the border between these warm and welcoming nations.

Main attractions in Togo include impressive settlements, such as Koutammakou, a cultural landscape featuring multi-story mud-tower houses, as well as the laid back capital city of Lomé, known for its incredible palm lined coastline and colorful central market. As for Benin, you'll learn extensively about the Voodoo religion, which originated from there and is still practiced today. You'll also have the opportunity to travel by boat to the floating lake village of Ganvie, famous for its unique position over Lake Nokoué.