Tribal Cultural Visits


Day 1:

Combine your safari with an intimate experience of contemporary Tanzanian tribal cultures. There are three different possibilities: Visit with the villagers of Ng’iresi; members of the Wa-arusha tribe, on the slopes of Mount Meru; or spend time with the Maasai of Longido.

Ng'iresi Village
Early morning departure for Ng'iresi, just outside of Arusha. Tour the farms of the villagers of Ng’iresi on the green, steep slopes of Mount Meru, and visit development projects related to soil conservation, irrigation, cross-breeding, bio-gas, and fish breeding. The villagers are members of the Wa-arusha tribe, family of the Masai that have gradually shifted from pastoralism to agriculture. In the course of your stay, learn about the Wa-arusha culture through old stories and traditional dances. Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the Juhudi women’s group. You may have time to climb Kivesi Hill, an old volcano with a natural forest on top, for a view of the surrounding country side.

Travel to Longido, a Masai village, situated 100km from Arusha on the way to the Namanga border. Longido lies on the main road of the extensive plains at the foot of Longido Mountain. The families live in small traditional bomas scattered over the area. Besides visits with the families you will climb up to a cave on Longido Mountain where the Moran (Masai warriors) have their feasts. Go on game tracking hikes, and if you are lucky you may see animals such as gerenuk, lesser kudu, and klipspringer. This is a great birding area. The experience will give you a glimpse into the unique culture and daily life of the Maasai.