Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge


Days 1-4: Casa Corcovado

The adventure begins two hours before your arrival as the launch leaves from our reception center ¨La Hacienda¨ in Sierpe through the river and follow the Pacific coast.


Your accommodations are artfully-appointed individual bungalows offering unpretentious comfort, mosquito-netted beds, ceiling fans, tiled floors, ample storage including closet, lounge area, dry mini bar, safety deposit box, and hammock. Roomy private bathrooms have hot water showers and designer fixtures. As you stroll down the sidewalk, your eye can't help but be drawn to the beautiful stained glass in the door and wooden shutters in the windows handmade by Costa Rican artisans.


If you are planning to visit Costa Rica we would like you to have the most extraordinary experience by staying with us at Casa Corcovado. The lodge is the closest to Corcovado National Park, the last remaining Pacific lowland rainforest of sustainable size in Central America. Located on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica, Corcovado is the 'crown jewel' of a world-renowned national park system.


Including thirteen separate ecosystems, almost one hundred species of trees and nearly four hundred species of birds, Corcovado has been called 'the most biologically intense place on earth' by no less an authority than the National Geographic Society. Here among the largest trees of Costa Rica, can be found the densest population of tapirs, jaguars and scarlet macaws in Meso-America.


The geography of the Osa Peninsula is diverse, allowing for many different habitats and contributing to its spectacular biological wealth. While an undulating landscape of knife blade ridges and steep, stream-cut ravines dominate the majority of the peninsula, many other landscapes can also be found. In the western end of the peninsula, a large uplifted plateau drops off into the ocean from hundred foot high rocky bluffs. Further to the North, vast stretches of mangrove swamp surround the mouth of the Sierpe, a large river that borders the peninsula.


Another unique aspect of the Pacific lowland rain forest is that it retains a bio-geographical link to the Amazon basin. Many of the plants and animals found on the Osa are more closely related to species found in the Amazon Basin than any other part of Central America or northern South America.

Included in your visit is a snorkeling tour at Cano Island and entrance to Corcovado National Park.