Quito Colonial City and the Equator


Day 1: Colonial City & the Equator

A visit to Quito’s old town takes you back to the time of the Spanish Colonial Period, where the mixture of European and indigenous influences is evident in the paintings, sculptures, and carvings. Admire architectural monuments such as the stone-carved facade of Ecuador's House of Congress, Independence Square, the Presidential Palace, and the Cathedral. Also, visit the baroque church of La Compañía, with its breathtaking altars, vaulted ceiling, and ornamented walls covered in gold leaf. Then, just 30 minutes to the north of Quito you will find yourself directly between the northern and southern hemispheres. Visit the Middle of the World Monument and the interesting displays of Ecuador’s many indigenous cultures in its Ethnographical Museum. You will also be able to stand on the actual equator line at exactly 0’00 latitude. (L)