Journeys Senior Director Will Weber reminisces about his trip to Bolivia—and talks about why you should add this undiscovered country to your travel list.

This month, Journeys announces the addition of a new trip in one of the least visited and most diverse countries in South America: Bolivia. I first visited Bolivia more than 30 years ago, and it’s still vivid in my memory as an exceptionally scenic and culturally inspiring destination.

In comparison to the more-touristed neighboring countries like Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, economic progress in Bolivia has been slow and infrastructure remains more basic. But, traditional cultures and architecture are much more visible and approachable, and there are far fewer tourists, offering more opportunities for authentic and deeper adventure.

From the Amazon fringe at Santa Cruz you will travel over the Andes, traverse salt flats, weave through active volcanoes and explore Lake Titicaca. There is an evident authenticity to accommodations and the handicrafts you acquire in the Indian markets. I am still wearing a durable leather belt I bought on my first trip three decades ago!

We’ve partnered with one of the oldest and most reputable local operators in the country. While you may still deal with spontaneous contingencies like challenging roads, quirky scheduling and altitude and attitude adjustments necessary when traveling in sparsely populated Andean landscapes, you will be traveling with guides and a company that will take most of the bumps out of Bolivia travel.

Check out the new Undiscovered Bolivia trip!