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About Family Trips

With Journeys for Families, you get to decide how you want to travel, and we will help you find the perfect trip to fit your needs. Many of our trips offer group departures, and some are available as a private & custom trip only.

Join a Group

Our travelers are like you—adventurous, curious souls who not only want to see the world but who want to experience it. On group trips you’ll make new friends as you explore together. And, we’ll do our best to match your kids with kids of similar ages. Family trips with group departures include:

Private & Custom

Over half of the trips we plan at Journeys are customized, private trips for couples, families, and groups, and for good reason: we are experts at listening to your needs and developing an itinerary that suits your unique group. Any of the trips listed above can be private & custom, and below are trips that are only offered as private & custom trips:

*Early Bird Discount

Special offer in 2016—save up to $1,000 with the Early Bird Discount!

This $250 per person discount is valid when at least two people in your family are the first to register for this or another eligible 2016 pre-scheduled Journeys for Families group departure. (“First to register” means that a registration form and deposit have been received for each person who is eligible for the discount before a registration form and deposit are received from travelers in any other families.) At least two people from your family must register for the same trip together. Two to four people in your family each receive $250 off their final invoice, for a total discount of $500 (2 people), $750 (three people), or $1,000 (four people). Registration must be received at least 90 days prior to the trip’s departure date. The 5% alumni discount is calculated after the Early Bird Discount, not on the original cost. Discount not valid on private or custom trips, and only specified Journeys for Families trips are eligible for the discount.