Mohamed Halouani

Mohamed Halouani

Tunisia Guide

Mohamed Halouani photoWhen guide Mohamed Halouani speaks, he uses his hands. His intelligent and expressive face exudes warmth, and he implicitly invites you to join him in his enthusiasm for his beloved homeland, which he refers to as "my Tunisia."  

Mohamed is at once authoritative and colloquial, inviting his travelers into discussions of architecture, art, philosophy, history and politics.  Referring to the life-long process of learning opportunities that travel affords us, he confesses, "my self-emancipation goes together with all kinds of discoveries I make with my guests, no matter what the country is, but particularly Tunisia…."  It's obvious to all his "guests" that he loves guiding. He loves sharing his country's history, explaining her regional importance and introducing her people.

When not guiding, Mohamed is spending time with his two children, Aymen (23) and Nurshen (16), his mother, and his extended family of friends, artists, musicians, film directors, teachers, and civic leaders.  You might also find him sitting at the De Carlo Pâtisserie near his neighborhood in Tunis, a warm and crunchy almond croissant in hand.  In his own words, " j'aime beaucoup les (croissants) prendre le matin avec un café au lait." ("I love very much to have croissants in the morning with cafe au lait.")  Making his own chickpea pastry with his family for the Eid is another of his pleasures.

Mr. Halouani is a native Tunisian but has also resided in Paris and Switzerland.  After receiving degrees in English and Spanish, he completed a Master's Degree in Linguistics and Hispanic Studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris.  He has extensive knowledge of Punic and Roman Civilizations, Islamic and secular architecture and eastern decorative elements.  A skilled polyglot, he has served as a translator and interpreter for the French Government for more than 15 years.  

In addition to guiding Journeys travelers, he has led trips for the Detroit Institute of Art, The Textile Museum, The American Museum of Natural History, The National Press Club/WDC and innumerable others.  

We invite you to accept Mohamed's heartfelt invitation to explore his homeland on your dates or as part of a scheduled group trip.