Explore Indonesia with Journeys International

May 31 2013

“Savoring Sumatra” visits volcanoes and natural sanctuaries

Ann Arbor, MI – May 31, 2013  Award winning tour operator, Journeys International, announces a new trip to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Led by Journeys director and founder, Dr. Will Weber, Savoring Sumatra debuts in July 2014.

Sumatra, the largest of the islands that make up this Pacific country, is much less developed and traversed than more commonly visited Bali or Java. It boasts lush jungle, distinctive cuisine, cultural diversity, vibrant flora and fauna, and an earth-shattering volcanic history. “The rich diversity of nature and cultures, set against a spectacular backdrop of volcanic geology and stunning scenery, will make this an exceptional travel exploration,” Weber remarks. “Sumatra offers so many experiences attractive to the bold traveler it is a wonder that it is not famous for more than fine coffee.”

Savoring Sumatra is a twelve-day tour that fully engages the island’s offerings. Journeys travelers will embark on a pre-dawn ascent of Mt. Sibayak, explore Batak Toba traditional houses, float on the largest volcanic lake in the world, and trek through a rich jungle that is home to approximately 175 species of mammals, 320 species of birds, and 190 reptiles and amphibians. This trip can also be combined with an extension to Krakatoa, the site of the most violent volcanic event in recent history.

Savoring Sumatra is one of the many exploratory trips offered by Journeys International. These trips provide the unique opportunity to be among the first travelers to experience a new destination or itinerary. This particular trip offers optional active hiking opportunities and simple lodge stays, as well as some less strenuous jungle explorations and higher-end tourist accommodations. “I’m thrilled to be going back with such a varied and dynamic itinerary,” says Weber.