Journeys International gives Earth Day present: $200k for sustainability, climate change

March 25 2019
Plant in Hands. Ecology concept. Nature Background Journeys International, the adventure travel company long-known as an ecotourism pioneer, pledged a multi-year gift of $200,000 to help fund the operations of the non-profit Earth Preservation Fund. The gift is a combination of direct funding and in-kind support to be distributed over the next 3 years and will allow the Earth Preservation Fund to significantly expand its operations.

The founders of Journeys International first met on the planning team for the first Earth Day celebration in 1970. “A commitment to the preservation and celebration of our planet has been part of our soul since our inception. For over 40 years, Journeys International has supported organizations that work on environmental and social sustainability,” said Journeys International president Robin Weber Pollak. “We have long contributed a portion of the company’s profits to the Earth Preservation Fund and this new gift is a pledge of support for preserving the planet.”

Journeys International’s previous gifts to the Earth Preservation Fund have supported wide ranging projects including education for orphans in Uganda, earthquake relief in Nepal, and tree planting in Peru’s Sacred Valley. The announcement of this expanded commitment to the Earth Preservation Fund is timed to recognize the importance of the values of Earth Day.

“Environmental sustainability is the existential issue of our time,” said Earth Preservation Fund founder Dr. William Weber, also the founder of Journeys International. “We must combat climate change and preserve biodiversity if we are to provide our children and grandchildren with an inhabitable planet. I’m proud of the work that the Earth Preservation Fund has supported over the past 40 years, and look forward to the energy and new ideas of the future.”

Journeys International is the longest standing family-owned global ecotourism company in the US. Journeys offers curated group experiences and tailor-made adventures all around the world. Founded in 1978, Journeys has accumulated various industry awards while cultivating travelers’ wonder, discovery, and even transformation.