Opuwo is the capital of the Kunene Region in north-western Namibia. The town is situated about 720 km north-northwest from the capital Windhoek, and has a population of 5,100. Pieter de Villiers of the Congress of Democrats is the town's mayor.

The first office to be established in the area was the colonial administrator in Kaoko in 1997, which was located at the Swartbooi’s Drift on the banks of the Kunene River before the location's name was changed to Opuwo. This police station was run by Sergeant Herbert, and his aim was to receive the Angola Boers who had trekked to Angola out of refusal to accept the British government in South Africa. Sergeant Basson took over the office at Swartbooi‘s Drift, and excavated Opuwo's first bore hole. Basson had the nickname “Katjiriamakaja” (a person who eats tobacco).

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