Press Release | Finding Our Writing Voices Amidst the Wonders of Costa Rica

Finding Our Writing Voices Amidst the Wonders of Costa Rica

Journeys International launches a trip in Costa Rica that's part writing workshop and part nature and culture experience for travelers who enjoy both exploration and words.

January 15, 2014  - Costa Rica is the content, the backdrop and the stimulus for travelers on a unique, new Journeys INTERNATIONAL trip that combines writing and exploration in March. Co-led by writer and teacher Hannah Ensor and Journeys director Joan Weber, the trip helps participants capture the external and internal experience of the exotic.

"Writing Our Way Into Costa Rica is for explorers -- people who may or may not identify themselves as writers, who are curious to see what happens when their pen meets paper while they are immersed in settings that are lush, unfamiliar, textured, surprising, and perhaps most important, not home," according to Weber.

The group, limited to eight participants, is based in a beautiful small lodge on expansive grounds above the Sarapiqui River, one of the most ecologically diverse areas of Costa Rica. Weber notes, "Everyday we will encounter new environments, new species, new information and new ideas, and everyday there will be time for writing that is either self-directed or a response to our writing leader's prompts." Ensor, a poet and essayist, has taught for the University of Michigan and the University of Arizona in classroom and in wilderness settings.

Ensor notes in her essay, Why I Write When I Travel, that while on the road her notebook is always out, ready to catch five words or five hundred words. "The human response to beauty," she says, "is creative: when we encounter something remarkable, we want to be remarkable back at it."

The seven-day Writing Our Way into Costa Rica has a land cost of $2495. There are openings on the March 8, 2014, departure and additional writing trips with Ensor in December 2015 and March 2015. Contact Lené Minder at Journeys for availability and other details at