Tataouine (from Berber language Tittawin, litterally meaning eyes, with the figurative meaning of water springs) is a city located in southern Tunisia. It is the capital of the Tataouine Governorate. The below-ground "cave dwellings" of the native Berber population, designed for coolness and protection, render the city and the area around it a tourist and film makers' attraction.

The district is famous for its ksour (fortified Berber granaries), including the picturesque Ksar Ouled Soltane, Chenini, and Douiret. These abandoned settlements feature beautiful vaulted adobe buildings, or ghorfas.

Tataouine's name became famous when George Lucas, who filmed the original Star Wars film in various locations of Tunisia (for example, the Lars Homestead, filmed at the Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata), named Luke Skywalker's fictional home planet Tatooine.

Tataouine appeared in the end of the movie The X-Files as Foum Tataouine, where an extraterrestrial viral experiment facility was held.

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