Tokushima is the capital city of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku island of Japan.

The city is located in the northeastern part of Tokushima Prefecture at the mouth of the Yoshino River. Tokushima displays typical characteristics in layout and organization of a Japanese castle town.

Tokushima developed under the Hachisuka clan. A strong indigo dye industry allowed the area to prosper. Tokushima is also famous for the Awa Odori, a lively festival which is held every year during the Obon Festival in August. Awa Odori literally translates as "Awa Dance" (Awa being the ancient name for Tokushima prefecture). During the festival, residents ranging from young children to professional dance troupes participate in the dance, a distinctive form of Japanese Classical Dance which includes regional costumes and is accompanied by strings, drums, and singing (usually by the dancers themselves).


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