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If you want an adventure but don’t want to travel alone, this is the spot for you. The trips listed below have one or more people who are also looking for travel companions. These aren’t our only group trips, though; there are plenty more where these came from.


  • December 31, Ethiopia Genna & Timkat FestivalsA man in his 50’s and three women in their 60’s – including one seeking a roommate – are ready for others to sign on for a shared cultural experience (max. group size 7).
Group hikes across glacier
Tour guide speaks to group


  • February 9, Adventure in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaDon’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia, only possible with a group. Two women and a couple in their 60’s are committed, but space for 10 more.
  • August 31, Silk Road through the StansOne awesome 80-year-old woman is already signed up, and curiosity loves company – especially on overland expeditions like this one.
  • September 13, Indonesia Apes, Arts and DragonsAn adventurous couple who has taken several Journeys trips is ready to enjoy this award-winning multi-island journey.