Trip Categories

No matter the type of adventure you are seeking, Journeys International has a trip for you. Hoping to see polar bears? Check! Want an active hiking trip? Check! How about a trip for you, your kiddos, and Grandma and Grandpa? Check, check, check.

Click on any heading below to learn more about how, here at Journeys, we help you travel YOUR way. And remember, most trips can be private for your group and customized to your preferences.

A note on our categories: Having a hard time deciding between cultural, active, wildlife, or scenic? No worries! All Journeys trips include each of these elements, some just have more than others. On a Cultural Adventure, for example, you’ll have opportunities to be active, to encounter wildlife, and to experience amazing vistas. However, the focus of your trip will be on cultural immersion and experiences.

  • Private & Custom

    Over half of the trips we plan at Journeys are customized, private trips for couples, families, and groups, and for good reason: we are experts at listening to your needs and developing an itinerary that suits your unique group. Browse these options and then give us a call to talk to one of our Destination Specialists. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • Join a group on a pre-scheduled departure! Our travelers are like you—adventurous, curious souls who not only want to see the world but who want to experience it. On group trips you’ll make new friends as you explore together. And, if you are looking at a group family trip, we’ll do our best to match your kids with kids of similar ages.

  • What’s new in our world can also be new in yours! Check out these trips that have been added or significantly updated within the last year to see where Journeys can take you now.

  • Family

    Whether you are a busy parent looking for an easy yet exciting vacation for your family or a grandparent wanting to spend quality time with your multi-generation tribe, we’ve got the trip for you. Our Journeys for Families adventures are thoughtfully crafted and tested by our own families, with activities for ages 5-85. All Journeys for Families trips can be customized for your unique interests and needs, ensuring there will be something for everyone.

  • Whether it’s for camaraderie, security, or to meet others with similar interests, many women prefer to travel with other women. Journeys has taken some of our most popular itineraries and set aside specific departures for female travelers, creating opportunities for adventurous women to join together and explore the world. These women-only trips often have a staff member on the trip as well, providing a consistent leader who will take care of any on-the-ground issues that may arise. And, an extra bonus: Journeys for Women trips sometimes include opportunities for cultural engagement that might not be available to mixed-gender groups. 

  • The only way to truly learn about a country is to hop on a plane and go there yourself. So to ensure our staff is well-versed in every destination, Journeys places a high priority on staff travel. The bonus for travelers is that on these trips, you can feel even more secure knowing that your staff leader will be available to take care of any on-the-ground issues that may arise during your travels.

  • Are you a seasoned traveler who has seen it all? Then these trips are for you. Join our senior staff on these first-run trips designed to get to know a new destination, meet new guides, and understand new communities. We give you an anticipated itinerary, but we also expect the unexpected. Come ready for adventure, new experiences, and helping shape the future of Journeys trips. NOTE: Journeys alumni who have traveled on 10 or more trips with Journeys have priority registration opportunities for Exploratory Adventures. If spots remain after alumni have registered, these trips are opened to other travelers.

  • Cultural

    Immerse yourself in a new culture. Cultural Adventures focus on getting to know the people, places, and customs of a particular area. You may visit small villages, dance alongside revelers, learn ABCs during a school visit, experience religious rituals at temples and churches, join festival celebrations, create your own traditional art, and make new friends as you learn from locals about their daily lives.

  • Scenic Adventures

    If you seek the inspiration of dramatic landscapes, experience big skies, craggy cliffs, mountain panoramas, and ocean vistas on our Scenic Adventures. These trips will wow you with the natural beauty of your destination. Don’t forget to put your camera down every now and then and soak in the scenery around you!

  • Are you a lover of lions and tigers and bears? Oh, my, these trips are for you! Wildlife Adventures focus on either close animal encounters, dramatic wildlife sightings, or both. Depending on the trip, you’ll get up close and personal with big cats, birds, polar bears, marine life, primates, snakes, and more.

  • Don’t let vacation slow you down! On Active Adventures, you’ll experience cultures, wildlife, and scenery by hiking, trekking, biking, or paddling your way through your destination.

  • Small Ship Adventures

    Venture into marine environments and find coastal views that you couldn’t experience on a land-based trip. Travel and sleep on a yacht or expedition vessel specially designed for small group tours that are much more personal than the average cruise.