In all that we do and create, we strive to cultivate a community that embodies these values:


We seek new terrain, literally and metaphorically. We seek new experiences around the world, and we are curious, constantly learning, eager to engage with new ideas and perspectives. We seek new ways to deliver better travel experiences. We also enable travelers to journey down paths new to themand we model openness to experience. Travel is not passive; it is an active pursuit, a venturing forth.

Serve awesome, awe-inspiring experiences

We build inspiration into the Journeys experience. We believe in enthusiastic and unique approaches to fulfilling our mission. The potential for our trips to deliver value and awe begins with the service we provide before travelers leave home. From first contact, through the trip, and with post-trip follow-through, we seek to make travel meaningful and exceedingly enjoyable, ith service that enhances the experience.

Build Community. Cherish People.

We have open, respectful, warm, long-standing relationships with those in the Journeys community: guides, hosts, vendors, clients, employees, and other stakeholders. We believe in all of these people learning about and taking care of each other.

Embrace Nature. Treasure Earth.

This world is a beautiful home, and we believe in relishing, learning about, and taking care of the planet where we live.

Pursue Excellence Together.

We attend to quality, seek continuous improvement, and encourage each other's growth and learning.

Know Our Story. Go Forth with Optimism.

We are a small, longstanding, family owned and operated company that pioneered the principles of ecotourism – active, small-group travel that supports traditional communities and natural environments – before ecotourism was a word. We have endured since 1978, and we will continue to thrive because of our proactive, positive attitude, responsible management, and team spirit.

Enjoy the Adventure.

We take immense joy from the wonders all around us, from the thrills of actively exploring the world, and from facilitating the journey for others. Everyone on the team contributes to the fun of the job.