What to Expect on a Journeys Photography Trip

What to Expect on Journeys Photography Trips

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A note from professional photographer/guide Wayde Carroll.

Journeys and I have teamed up to offer amazing trips designed to help you grow as a photographer and bring home stunning images of your travels. If you enjoy exploring diverse ecosystems and viewing dramatic natural and cultural beauty, if you yearn to capture the full aesthetic of special travel moments, if you have an interest in improving your photography skills, please read on...

Don’t be intimidated by the term “Photography Workshop.”

Journeys’ photography trips are a relaxed experience, providing the opportunity to learn as much, or as little, as you like about photography. Whether you have a pocket sized “point and shoot” camera or an advanced digital SLR with interchangeable lenses, I will help you improve your skills and get the most of your equipment.

These flexible workshops are geared towards beginning and intermediate photographers but offer incredible opportunities for the advanced shooter as well. We keep the groups small so that you can receive individualized instruction. For those interested, I share tips on how to enhance your images on the computer as well.

From pre-sunrise well into the night

Each day I wake up before dawn and check to see if we have a great sunrise opportunity. If so, I wake those who’ve expressed interest and out we go! The rest of each day is filled with good meals and walks,  drives or boat trips through various stunning environments where we have unlimited chances to practice a wide variety of photographic skills. If you just feel like enjoying the scenery, that’s fine too.

Each night I present a slide show and talk about various techniques. We have plenty of time to work together with your cameras and address all your questions. If you’d like, you can choose images for me to download and share with the group. Receiving constructive feedback on your pictures is a great way to grow as an image-maker. Also, each evening we’ll have the chance to work on flash photography of the various creatures of the night, and time exposures of phenomena such as erupting volcanoes!

Full Photography Curriculum

We cover a wide range of photography content in just days. We discuss and we work with composition, color, “seeing” the best light, rule of thirds, histograms, use of basic camera programs, manual settings, polarizers, skylight and neutral density filters, tripod use, built-in and off-camera flash techniques, informal and candid people portraits, anticipating animal movements, and more.

I want to emphasize that I go at your pace and there is no pressure to participate in every possibility that presents itself. I am available to help throughout the entirety of each day. I am excited about photography and enjoy the wonderful people I get to meet and share ideas with on these safaris.

Exquisite Settings

Journeys and I began our cooperation in Alaska and Costa Rica, and we continue to plan in additional locations that Journeys knows well. Please be in touch if you’re interested in joining a small-group photo trip in Nepal, East Africa, Bali, Belize, Peru or the Galapagos Islands. 

In addition to the scheduled group programs, you can inquire with Journeys about setting up a private trip with me in any of their destinations.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for a world-class trip that will make you a better image-maker as well.

-- Wayde Carroll

“Have you ever found yourself saying something along the lines of ‘Well, these photos don’t really convey how beautiful it was but you get the idea…’? Would you rather bring home a collection of images worthy of printing and hanging on your wall, images that give your viewers a real sense of the wonder you felt at the time?  Helping you to achieve this is precisely my goal as a photographer and teacher.” --Wayde