Global Responsibility & Giving Back

The founders of Journeys International, Joan and Will Weber, met on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus at a planning meeting for the very first Earth Day in 1970. Their mutual interest in environmental and cultural preservation continued during their years living in Nepal — Will as a Peace Corps Volunteer and professional involved in the creation of Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) National Park and Joan as an English teacher. From the very first Journeys trip in 1978 to the present day, Journeys staff and travelers have always embraced a philosophy of social and environmental responsibility.

Journeys International was one of the first travel companies to implement a Code of Ethics to guide our travelers’, and staff members’ interactions with the world around them. This statement has stood as an example for other companies as the industry has evolved best practices for responsible travel.

As a company, we also believe that investing in local communities through travel provides an economic alternative to activities like poaching, plundering natural resources, and other wasteful practices. Journeys is proud to support local communities in travel destinations around the world and in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we are based. In every destination our travelers are served by local guides and drivers, and wherever possible we book travelers to stay in locally-owned accommodations. Our international partners are locally-owned tour operators and, in many cases, family businesses, just like Journeys.

Journeys supports international projects through our close relationship with the Earth Preservation Fund. Founded by Journeys in 1979, just one year after the first Journeys trip, the EPF promotes sustainability in destinations where Journeys travelers go. Journeys travelers often visit EPF projects during trips and experience firsthand the impact of their contributions. A portion of the revenue from every Journeys trip supports the EPF and travelers are encouraged to make additional donations.

Journeys International’s recent commitment to 1% for the Planet marks another step forward, ensuring accountability for our enduring dedication to environmental and cultural sustainability. As pioneering leaders in the work of environmental and cultural conservation, we are heartened to see the growing network of 1% for the Planet conservation supporters.


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