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Ancient cliffside buildings in Jordan

Jordan and Israel Explorer

Explore the ancient landmarks in Jordan and Israel. Visit the Dead Sea, the rose city of Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem.

From $6550 Per Person

12 Days


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Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Ancient Egypt, Jordan & Israel

Explore iconic sites of ancient and biblical times on a historic and cultural adventure through three countries. From remote desert wonders to cities that mix ancient and modern character, you will realize, in awe, the richness and significance of these destinations.

From $7595 Per Person

22 Days


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Two men ride on camels in Jordan desert

Journey into Jordan

Explore Jordan from top to bottom on an epic cultural journey that takes you to the splendid Nabatean ruins at Petra, Bedouin camps nestled in picturesque desert wadis (valleys), and homes of contemporary Jordanians. Splash in the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Siq water trail at Wadi Mujib. Lose yourself in the sands and seas of the desert.

From $3725 Per Person

10 Days


Sample Custom Trip
Travelers walk through valley between Jordan cliffs

Trekking to Petra

This active adventure through Jordan includes a five-day 47-mile hike from Dana to Petra. Before your hike begins, though, enjoy explorations of the vibrant city of Amman, the relics of Madaba, Karak, and Dana Nature Reserve. Once your hike to Petra is complete, your adventure continues with a jeep safari exploring Wadi Rum, plus time to splash and play in the Dead Sea.

From $5150 Per Person

11 Days


Sample Custom Trip

Activity Level

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Easy walking, with opportunities for low-key physical activity.


Energetic exploration with optional day hikes, leisurely cycling, or light canoeing.


Day-long active excursions and options for demanding activity in varied environments.


Strenuous hiking or other intense activity that may be at high altitude or over rough terrain.


Multi-day trekking and other activities requiring endurance or strength. Steep trails. No technical expertise necessary.