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Latvia is one of the three countries that make up the Baltics region in northern Europe. As a former Soviet area, modern travel to this area is relatively recent, and visitors find locals thrilled to welcome guests. Most of the land is below 330 feet below sea level consisting of lowland plains, forests, farms, and white sand beaches. There are over 12,500 rivers and some 2,250 lakes. About 10% off the county is swampland, with about 70% untouched, providing a safe haven for many rare species of plants an animals. In addition to exploring Gauja National Park, one of the nation’s most important parks, you can enjoy stunning views overlooking the park from Turaida Castle. Any visit to Latvia is a mix of nature and culture, and will allow you to stay in traditional manors, visit Rococo inspired palaces, admire its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and dine in medieval style. Towns are charming, historic, and full of life. A unique feature of this traditional country is a chance to meet the local people that live in an “eco-village;” you will learn how they live as a socially, economically, and ecologically balanced community.

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