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EPF Mission & History

The Earth Preservation Fund (EPF) was established in 1979 by the founders of Journeys International. Travelers on Journeys trips often saw things that moved them to want to support an important cause, but no way to offer their help after their trip ended. On the other side were energetic and idealistic local guides who were dreamers for ways that they could help their communities and preserve the planet, but lacked organizational support for their projects.

Today, the EPF funds projects that help people to do better in their home countries with a particular focus on sustainability and combating global climate change. The EPF also consults with inbound travel and tourism companies seeking to adopt sustainable practices.

Flagship Initiative: EPF Carbon Reduction Program

The most impactful way to take action on climate change is to make choices that reduce fossil fuel consumption and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While in some places it might be possible for an individual traveler to seek out an eco-lodge that uses renewable fuel or to book travel through a specialty operator who will create a low-emissions itinerary, generally individual travelers lack the opportunity to choose the energy source for their transportation, lodging, and food preparation.

Donations to the EPF’s Carbon Reduction Program are used to purchase and permanently retire high-quality carbon offsets that are verified under reliable third-party verification standards.

  • Future Trip Offsets – The EPF has developed a method of estimating the carbon footprint of adventure travel. Travelers can know that their donation to the EPF will be used to purchase carbon offsets in the amount needed to mitigate their estimated carbon footprint.
  • Historical Trip Offsets – Travelers may be aware of the carbon footprint of their current trips, but they may not have had the same awareness for trips they took ten or twenty years ago, and yet greenhouse gases can linger in the atmosphere for decades. The EPF can create a custom estimate of the carbon footprint for past travel and help travelers to offset their historic carbon footprint. Through the EPF’s partnership with Journeys International, we can access many archived itineraries for Journeys’ travelers or, using our knowledge of the travel industry, recreate an itinerary from a different trip provider.

For detailed information on how we calculate carbon footprints, read the EPF’s white paper Adventure Travel and Carbon Offsets.

Contact to learn how to offset your travel or donate to the Carbon Reduction Project today!

Additional Projects

Each year, the EPF funds projects that travelers and reliable travel industry partners nominate for support. With targeted contributions, relatively small amounts can have a significant impact in promoting environmental sustainability and preserving cultural traditions. An advantage of our small organization is our ability to act swiftly – we can mobilize funding in less than a week. This means we don’t yet know what opportunities we will have to invest in communities in the coming months.

Over the years, successful EPF projects have included:

  • Birds of a Feather orphan education and conservation training (Nangaiza, Uganda)
  • Arun Valley School Partnership (Wana, Nepal)
  • Lares Valley Reforestation (Peru)
  • Library Building Partnership (Ladakh, India)
  • Stand with Nepal Earthquake Relief Campaign
  • Astrologer Funding for Holy Day Calendar (Ladakh, India)
  • …and more projects in many more locations

The EPF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and accepts tax-deductible contributions to support specific projects or the overall work of the organization.

EPF has Become a 1% for the Planet Environmental Partner

1% for the Planet logoThe Earth Preservation Fund (EPF), since its inception in 1979 by the founders of Journeys International, has played a pivotal role in supporting sustainable projects and combating global climate change. As an environmental partner with 1% for the Planet, the EPF elevates its commitment to these causes, linking Journeys International’s contributions and traveler involvement directly to a broader global network committed to environmental sustainability. This partnership enhances the EPF’s ability to fund impactful projects, focusing on sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprints through initiatives like the EPF Carbon Reduction Program. Donations to the EPF now not only support targeted local projects but also contribute to a global movement of environmental stewardship facilitated by 1% for the Planet. Journeys International’s commitment to donating 1% of its annual sales to environmental causes through this network signifies a deepened dedication to the planet, marrying the ethos of responsible travel with actionable, global environmental support. This synergistic relationship propels forward the mission of both organizations, driving significant, positive change both locally and globally, ensuring that every donation and every trip contributes to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Make a Difference

Contribute to the Earth Preservation Fund General Campaign

Through its regular, ongoing work, the EPF supports at-risk orphans in Uganda, library and monastery restoration projects in Ladakh, conservation in the Galapagos Islands, tree planting in Peru’s Sacred Valley, community-based sustainable tourism in Kenya, and more. All EPF-supported projects are small-scale and community initiated. The EPF has always focused on small projects where a donation of $500 or $750 could make a difference.

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