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Greenland is not for everyone. But is for the hearty and intrepid traveler. The explorer who wants to leave crowds behind. The curious anthropologist curious about native communities. The soulful poet who basks in the beauty of glaciers. The troubled environmentalist who worries about the fate of our planet’s most sensitive climes and species. The wandering peregrine who seeks the most remote corners of our planet. The undaunted few. If traveling by ferry, seaplane, and zodiac sound like your kind of adventure, then you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Greenland. It is a destination where it is easier to travel to any point on the island from Iceland or Denmark than to travel internally, because of the rugged terrain. The indomitable spirits of the people you meet will reflect their ability to survive, and they will initiate you into the insiders’ world of this glacial wonderland.

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polar bear in Greenland
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