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A vast, diverse, and complicated country, the United States offers a myriad of fascinating natural and cultural environments for curious souls to explore. Many Journeys travelers call this country home and are familiar with at least some corners of the USA. Yet the United States is broad, with beautiful scenes around every corner. Between the East and West coasts, you will find rippling deserts, palm-lined beaches, towering mountains, fertile river valleys… hundreds of national parks, each their own version of breathtaking. American culture may be even more varied, with some experts suggesting over 100 individualistic subcultures within American society that overlay regional and ethnic differences to make the tension between community and individual identity a fascinating topic in this country. Journeys International has historically focused on outbound exploration to countries abroad, yet there is so much to explore all around us. Adventure can happen anywhere when you are open to stepping beyond your comfort zone for the sake of wonder and discovery. As we work on our array of sample trips, please let us know what interests you in these wonderful, fascinating United States of America.

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Responsible travelers are asking big questions about the value of burning jet fuel to travel abroad. Even as we continue to believe there are reasons why global experience is crucial, we're excited to help create more adventures closer to home. Robin Weber Pollak, Journeys International Owner & Chief Adventure Officer

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