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The charming coastal Baltic region in northern Europe has attracted increasing numbers of adventurers who are eager to find the culture and beauty of Europe without all the other tourists. The region incorporates three countries that border the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. With a large number of national parks and nature reserves, the Baltics provide excellent nature encounters with more than 7,000 lakes, swamps and marshes, and many rivers that flow into the Baltic Sea. About one-third of the lands are covered in forests that are home to a variety of wildlife including elks, deer, wolves, boar, and hares. Explore coastal beaches and spectacular sand dunes. The regional is also a cultural and historical wonderland – exquisite architectural styles from the Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, and Classical eras fill the Old Towns and there are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites waiting to be discovered. Both Christian and Jewish tradition runs deep in the region, and heritage exploration can reveal deep insight. As areas affected deeply by World War II and former Soviet territories, there is also recent history to unpack on a visit to the Baltics. Any itinerary here can be customized for your goals and interests, so speak with a destination specialist to receive a tailor-made proposal.



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