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Ghana is a bright light and vibrant song in West Africa. Prosperous and pro-American, Ghana gives you a sense of energetic people pleased to have you as a guest. Ghana was formerly known as the Gold Coast, and gold is still an important export. Named after an ancient kingdom dating to the 4th Century, the present-day country does not overlap the geographical boundaries of Ancient Ghana, but there are still plenty of local kings, with significant ceremonial power and traditional wealth. Ghana as a nation is democratic and often viewed as a political and economic model for Africa.

Main Attractions in Ghana include Kakum and Mole National Parks, two of the best places in west Africa for nature study. While Accra is the largest city, most visitors find the historic second city, Kumasi, to be more comprehensible and more interesting with a spectacular market, university, and rich traditions. This is the place to buy famous Kente cloth.

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