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Norway is a strikingly rugged country of mountains, fjords and glaciers that create a dramatic landscape of breathtaking scenery. Wilderness-loving explorers venture to Norway to revel in dramatic vistas, seek Northern lights, meet reindeer, and get away from the bustle of dense cities. Much of the countryside seems to have come straight out of a Norwegian fairy tale. Yet real people live notably enjoyable lives here. Norway leads the World Happiness Index, the OECD Better Life Index, and the Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index. Norway’s towns are predominantly powered by hydroelectric energy, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded from the capital of Oslo, and not only are mothers guaranteed about a year of maternity leave, but fathers get 15 weeks paternity leave as well. For those who are so inclined, there are opportunities for fascinating cultural, sociological, and anthropological exploration.

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Norway is a great playground for pursuing adventures of all ilk. Nature and culture enthusiasts alike can have deep, soul-touching experiences in this remarkable country. It's a privilege to share it with our travelers. Robin Weber Pollak, Journeys Owner & Chief Adventure Officer

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