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Rhino in the grass in India

Big Five of India

Explore Manas and Kanha's wildlife parks in search of India's Big Five; discover Kolkata, the city of joy; and more on this amazing wildlife safari with senior naturalist guide Avi Sarkhel.

From $6325 Per Person

12 Days


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An Original Greece Odyssey

Superbly-guided exploration of choice islands, ruins, and landscapes with active days and comfortable accommodations.

From $5500 Per Person

11 Days


Sample Custom Trip
Hikers in Bhutan forest walk beneath colorful flags

Views, Valleys, and Visions

On this ten-day immersion in Buddhist culture, you may catch glimpses of the forest spirits, the grazing takin, or at least a musk deer, bearded vulture, or black-necked crane. Includes optional hike hike to Tiger's Nest Monastery.

From $4700 Per Person

10 Days


Sample Custom Trip
Travelers wander around China palace plaza

Yunnan Jade Dragon Journey

Explore southern China's Yunnan Province, a feast of natural, scenic, and cultural diversity born of Himalayan mountains, deep valleys, and a history of isolation, Buddhist heritage, and adaptation.

From $3250 Per Person

12 Days


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Flowers outside Laos cabins

Palaces and Pagodas

Experience the serenity and Buddhist character of Laos with a personal guide and comfortable accommodations.

From $2000 Per Person

7 Days


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Nepal woman hugs smiling traveler

Nepal Namaste!

This is an expertly-guided, flexible exploration for non-hikers who enjoy wildlife, ancient traditions, spiritual discovery, and beautiful mountain scenery.

From $3960 Per Person

8 Days


Sample Custom Trip
Panama man sits at front of boat approaching shore

Panama Golden Isthmus Odyssey

Where North and South America meet, diversity is squeezed and concentrated in a geographic sandwich of rain forest, waterways, reefs, islands, volcanoes, and native communities.

From $3650 Per Person

10 Days


Sample Custom Trip
Road through valley in Peru

Sacred Valley Week

Focus on the heart of the ancient Inca Empire while based in comfortable ecolodges. Visit little-known sites and hike ancient off-the-beaten-path trails. An astounding week!

From $3195 Per Person

7 Days


Sample Custom Trip

Amazon and Andes Odyssey

Visit the greatest sites of Peru in the Andes and Amazon, including Machu Picchu and the Tambopata Nature Reserve, where wildlife abounds and people do not.

From $3895 Per Person

9 Days


Sample Custom Trip
Papua New Guinea show performance

Mt. Hagen Show Tour Vista

See the spectacular Hagen sing-sing and the fabled Sepik River, Tari Highlands, and Waghi Valley, all with top-level accommodations and an expert escort.

From $9999 Per Person

Papua New Guinea
13 Days


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Easy walking, with opportunities for low-key physical activity.


Energetic exploration with optional day hikes, leisurely cycling, or light canoeing.


Day-long active excursions and options for demanding activity in varied environments.


Strenuous hiking or other intense activity that may be at high altitude or over rough terrain.


Multi-day trekking and other activities requiring endurance or strength. Steep trails. No technical expertise necessary.