Why Work at Journeys International?

The longevity of team members’ careers at Journeys International is a testament to what a great place this is to work. Most years we have 0% turnover, and our current average tenure is 21.4 years.

At a recent team meeting, we brainstormed things we like around here. It’s quite a list!

  • Opportunities to travel, and to do cool stuff in the places you go
  • Options to work from home
  • Flexible and accommodating of scheduling needs and family demands
  • Friendly atmosphere where people care about you like family
  • Mutual respect and tolerance
  • Fun (but not too fun) – laughing together in a light-hearted atmosphere, but taking the work seriously, with respect for the need to focus and problem-solve
  • General trust that you’re doing your job without micromanagement
  • Each individual knows expectations for success in their role
  • Good on-boarding for new hires
  • Open information sharing
  • Culture of continuous product improvement that rejects stagnation
  • Commitment to making teamwork effective with the people we have on hand
  • Recognition of employee value
  • Mac computers, and laptops you can take home
  • Commitment to continually improving tools
  • Learning opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Meeting interesting customers, and people from around the world
  • The organization has a good reputation so it reflects well on you for working there
  • The organization has a responsible mission that employees can be proud of and feel good about contributing to
  • Perspective on the world that opens your mind to things you might not otherwise see or consider

The main Journeys International office is located on the far west side of Ann Arbor, a short drive from downtown Ann Arbor and close to Westgate shopping center. It is convenient to I-94 and M-14, with ample on-site parking. Most employees work on-site one day per week and from home the remainder of the time, depending on the particular demands of the position and the distance of the employee’s home from the office.

Does this sound like a place you’d like to work? Check out our job openings, and apply or contact us!