Surprising Journeys

Surprising Journeys is a new line of mystery trips from Journeys International launching in spring 2024.  Surprising Journeys is a unique blend of mystery, adventure, connection, and cultural immersion. Embark on a journey where only the start and end are known, and the rest is revealed through engaging group challenges. Dive into a world where every step is a playful exploration and a delightful challenge. In 2022, we brought to you Competitours, a team-based competitive mystery trip (like “The Amazing Race”) organized with a partner operator. Now, we’re unveiling another new Journeys International-crafted tour product that similarly features a mystery itinerary but takes the trip to a different level of interpersonal connection through group collaboration on cultural challenges for daily discovery.

How Surprising Journeys Work

  • Travel to Mystery Destinations: Know your starting and ending points, but the rest is a delightful secret, revealed daily.
  • Engage in Daily Challenges: Each day brings new, culturally immersive tasks, enhancing group collaboration and fun.
  • Unlock Rewards: Earn exclusive upgrades and uncover hidden gems through your achievements.
  • Receive Daily Guidance: Guided by our Adventure Ace (challenge mastermind) and local guide, every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth and joy. Your guide will provide in-depth insights into your destinations and cultures, while your Adventure Ace will orchestrate challenges as the trip leader.
  • Stay in Comfortable Accommodations: Enjoy unique stays with meals included, ensuring a comfortable journey.
  • Don’t Worry About Transportation: All necessary travel arrangements are part of the package, providing a seamless experience.
  • Flexible Group Sizes: Perfect for small groups of 8-12, with flexible options available for both public and private trips.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Surprising Journeys is all about embracing the new and unknown. No specific skill set is required, just a creative mindset and a readiness to collaborate. Discover new aspects of yourself and the world through the trip’s robust daily challenges. If you love new experiences, cultural exploration, and the thrill of the unknown, Surprising Journeys is for you. It’s perfect for those who enjoy activities like scavenger hunts, escape rooms, and novel adventures, and it’s suitable for a wide range of physical abilities. From urban scavenger hunts to hands-on local workshops, Surprising Journeys offers a diverse array of activities, ensuring each day is filled with new surprises and learning opportunities. Additional details on how Surprising Journeys works can be found on our blog: All About Surprising Journeys

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