Our travelers know that Journeys embraces core values like play – and for good reason! In a world where adult life is often synonymous with routine and responsibility, the concepts of awe and play can seem distant. Yet, research highlights their crucial role in our well-being and mental health. Our new Surprising Journeys offers an innovative way to reintegrate these vital elements into our adult lives.

The Vital Role of Awe

Awe, a powerful emotion evoked by witnessing something vast and extraordinary, plays a significant role in adult life. Studies by psychologists like Dacher Keltner have shown that awe can lead to a host of benefits, including increased empathy, creativity, and a sense of connectedness with others. Awe-inspiring experiences help us break out of our everyday perspectives, offering a glimpse into the vastness and wonder of the world.

The Power of Play for Adults

Play is often mistakenly regarded as a luxury or a pastime solely for children. However, research has demonstrated its importance in adult life as well. Play can reduce stress, improve brain function, boost creativity, and improve relationships. It’s a pathway to learning, exploring new concepts, and developing social bonds.

A Conduit for Awe and Play

Surprising Journeys combine the elements of awe and play through adventure travel. Through mystery-filled itineraries and collaborative challenges, these journeys offer opportunities to experience the world in a way that reignites our sense of wonder and playfulness.

Experiences of Awe 

Each destination and activity in Surprising Journeys is selected to be culturally immersive, and challenges and expands our usual understanding of the world, offering awe-inspiring moments that rejuvenate our lives with wonder and excitement.

Engagement in Play

The collaborative challenges are not just about teamwork; they’re designed to be fun and engaging, invoking the spirit of play. This playfulness enhances experiential learning, encouraging adults to engage with the world in a more curious and joyful manner.

Embracing Awe and Play with Surprising Journeys

Surprising Journeys invites adults to take a step back from the hustle and overwhelm of everyday life into the world of awe and play. In doing so, they offer more than just a break from the mundane; they provide a means to enrich our lives, improve our well-being, and reconnect us with the joy and wonder of living. If you’re seeking to reintegrate the elements of awe and play into your life, Surprising Journeys might just offer the adventure you need. To get a deeper look into this unique type of group adventure, see our blog post All About Surprising Journeys or chat with an Adventure Specialist.