Travel Insurance

Protect your Investment

Travel Protection Plans cover things like theft, baggage loss, cancellation, emergency evacuation, medical treatment, flight delay or cancellation, airline or service provider bankruptcy, jury duty, personal or family sickness leading to cancellation. Journeys International strongly recommends that you purchase one of these policies to protect your money, your stuff, and yourself on your trip! These policies eliminate a lot of financial risks and let you worry a lot less about things beyond your control. The insurance carrier assumes risks that would otherwise be on your own shoulders. Except for a few specific trips, we do not require you to purchase travel insurance – but we know many travelers who have benefited from having travel insurance when something went wrong.

Please note that while we will do our best to help you to have a pleasant and successful trip, Journeys International assumes no liability for losses typically covered by Traveler Protection Plans. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance and you suffer a loss, then you will be responsible for the associated costs.

It is important to obtain insurance immediately upon signing up for your trip in order for pre-existing conditions to be covered. All participants must also be covered by a current major medical insurance policy that covers you for international travel for the duration of your trip. Call your provider for coverage details.

Recommended Policy: Travelex Select

Journeys has a partnership with Travelex Insurance, which has excellent options for travelers looking to purchase travel insurance. Please use Agency Id: 22-0398 when purchasing a policy. Learn more and sign up by clicking the logo below:

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