Rare Journeys

Curated Group Adventures for Explorers with Shared Curiosity

The adventure specialists at Journeys International focus on understanding your goals and getting you on the right adventure to pursue them. Rare Journeys are the most unique type of journey we can offer. For those who share common interests and passions, we curate a collection of once-only group adventures that by their nature are better with a group of fellow explorers, or can’t be offered privately. These adventures take you deep with experiential activities focused around a specific theme. Each program begins with a set of central intentions, and itineraries include the most unique, most fascinating, most personal experiences of a place within the framework of those goals. Experts, teachers, facilitators, guides, artisans, chefs, and delightful local people contribute to each program. A specialty adventure facilitator with expertise in the trip’s theme accompanies each group, along with local guides depending on the setting.

Additional Rare Journeys are in the final stages of curation. Upcoming programs will include:

  • Mindfully Engaging Personal Challenge
  • Choose Your Own Adventure to Uncharted Territory
  • Virtual Lab for Cross-Cultural Connection
  • Exploring Happiness at Home
  • Exploring Happiness in Norway
  • Mindfully Engaging Sweden
  • Unpacking Climate Change in Arctic Greenland
  • Readers & Writers Retreat in Iceland

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