Why It Was Meaningful & How You Can Join a Similar Group Trip


The Spark of My Greek Adventure

Imagine a journey that not only showcases the wonders of Greece but also resonates with your soul. Years ago, I had the privilege to embark on an educational adventure through Greece, immersing myself in the rich tapestry of Western philosophy, European art history, and theology. Sharing this experience with a group of friends and peers only increased the wonder, fun, and overall enjoyment. This was more than a trip; it was a pilgrimage to a cradle of civilization that had influenced my education profoundly throughout the years.

Embracing the Philosophical Roots of Greece

Athens, a city where wisdom echoes in the streets, was a major focus for my group adventure. Here, amid the shadows of the Acropolis, I felt a deep connection to the philosophers who once walked these paths. Each site I visited was a chapter in a living history book, where I could almost hear the echoes of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. 

Awe in the Presence of Greek Antiquity

Standing amidst the ruins of ancient Greece, especially in front of the magnificent Parthenon, was a moment of pure awe. The Parthenon, along with sites like the Temple of Athena Nike, stands as a testament to the architectural genius and cultural richness of ancient Greece. Surrounded by ancient ruins, statues, and beautiful pottery depicting various myths and the grace of the human figure as I traveled, I felt a profound connection to the past. Each piece told a story, evoking the myths that have shaped our understanding of human nature and the world. Stops in places like Corinth (once one of the greatest commercial centers of the Greek world), the beehive tombs of Mycenae, and Delphi, with its oracular mysteries and allure, further anchored my bond to this ancient land.

Experiencing the Legendary Greek “Xenia”

In the towns we journeyed through, like Itea, I was enveloped in the heartwarming embrace of Greek “xenia”. Joining local festivities, I discovered that language barriers are no match for the universal language of hospitality and joy. Dancing and sharing meals with the locals, I found a sense of belonging and happiness that only such genuine connections can bring. My favorite experience during my adventures was the warm hospitality, being welcomed to share delicious Mediterranean food (olives and baklava galore!), and dancing gleefully in circles together as though we were all old friends reunited after years apart. 

One of the benefits of visiting Greece with a group was the opportunity to bond with fellow group members over these warm experiences and nurture our connections and burgeoning friendships as we shared more meals, gabbed excitedly, filled the hours traveling between locations, and went out together in the evenings.

Take Yourself Back in Time to the Greek Forum

When we announced Journeys International’s newest Back in Time to the Greek Forum Rare Journey recently, I felt a wave of excitement wash over me. Much like my own trip to Greece, this intellectual journey will be steeped in history, philosophy, and art as group members explore the foundations of Western culture and thought. 

This 14-day expedition delves into Greece’s historical and cultural depths, promising an experience akin to my own but with additional attractions, opportunities, and guidance. If you’re looking to join a themed journey similar to my adventure several years ago, this trip might be the perfect fit for you.

Tour Highlights: A Journey Through Time and Myth

From the historical grandeur of Athens to the mystical landscapes of Santorini and Crete, this Rare Journey is a blend of myth and reality. Guided by the knowledgeable Yagkos Chairetis, you’ll discover the intertwined tales of gods, heroes, and philosophers that make Greece a timeless treasure.

Join Us: Discover Your Own Greek Saga

This journey is not just a vacation; it’s a chance to walk in the footsteps of history and create your own unforgettable memories as you bathe in the extraordinary warmth of the local hospitality. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of ancient myths or the quest for historical knowledge, the Back in Time to the Greek Forum tour is your gateway to an extraordinary adventure. This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime scheduled departure from September 15 – 28, 2024. Prices start from $7,340 per person and include accommodations, an expert trip leader, overland transportation, activities, some meals, and more.

If you’d like to read more about the itinerary, please check out the trip webpage. We also invite you to check out our sample Custom Adventures or schedule a call to discuss the trip further with an Adventure Specialist if this trip speaks to you.