What Europe Trips Are a Match for Your Goals & Interests?


Europe, a continent woven with an intricate mosaic of cultures, landscapes, and histories, beckons travelers to explore its rich cultural heritage. It can be challenging to decide where to land for your next adventure in Europe, but our quick reference guide below can help you begin to unveil what country might be a good fit for your current goals and interests. From the tranquility of nature and the echoes of history to the joys of culinary exploration and paths of sustainable travel, each destination offers a unique journey of discovery.

Spanish architectureSpain: A Cultural Confluence and Culinary Delight

Spain’s vibrant history is a tapestry woven from Muslim, Jewish, and Christian threads, especially visible in Andalusia’s stunning architecture, such as Granada’s Alhambra and Seville’s Alcázar, and the diverse culinary scene that ranges from the Basque country’s pintxos to Andalusia’s gazpacho.

Outdoor Adventures: Beyond its cultural wealth, Spain’s landscapes offer adventures from the snow-capped Pyrenees to the sun-soaked Mediterranean coast, catering to hikers, cyclists, and beachgoers alike.

Culinary Exploration: Dive into Spain’s rich culinary traditions, exploring local markets, indulging in tapas tours, and participating in cooking classes to discover the secrets of Spanish cuisine.

Choose this destination if you’re curious about… the interplay of diverse cultures through art, architecture, and cuisine, and if you’re seeking outdoor adventures in breathtaking landscapes.

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Greece: Where Ancient Myths Meet Pristine BeachesDelphi ruins

Greece, a cradle of Western civilization, is a treasure trove of ancient history and mythology. From the majestic Acropolis to the mystical ruins of Delphi, it offers a profound journey into the past.

Outdoor Adventures: The Greek islands, each with its own unique charm, offer endless opportunities for sailing, swimming, and exploring hidden coves. The mainland’s rugged landscapes are perfect for hiking and exploring off-the-beaten-path archaeological sites.

Culinary Delights: Greek cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh ingredients and traditional flavors, offers a culinary adventure from the olives and wines of Crete to the seafood of the Aegean.

Choose this destination if you’re curious about… stepping into the world of ancient philosophers and gods, and if you seek the tranquility of Mediterranean landscapes and the rich flavors of its cuisine.

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Coast of SicilyItaly: A Journey Through Art, History, and Gastronomy

Italy’s history is a canvas of Etruscan, Roman, and Renaissance influences, offering an unparalleled exploration of art, architecture, and archaeology that spans from the ruins of Rome to the canals of Venice and the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Outdoor Adventures: Italy’s diverse landscapes, from the Alps in the north to the volcanic beauty of Sicily, provide a playground for nature lovers, whether it’s skiing, hiking, or relaxing on the Mediterranean beaches.

Culinary Journey: The culinary traditions of Italy, recognized worldwide, invite travelers to explore regional delicacies, from the rich pastas and wines of the north to the vibrant flavors of the south.

Choose this destination if you’re curious about… immersing yourself in the epicenter of the humanities and experiencing the blend of natural beauty with historical depth through art, architecture, and gastronomy.

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The Balkans: Albania and Croatia’s Hidden GemsAlbania

The Balkans, with a complex history of Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Slavic influences, showcase a rich tapestry in Albania’s ancient cities and Croatia’s medieval towns, each telling stories of empires and cultural exchanges.

Outdoor Adventures: From Albania’s untouched beaches to Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coast and national parks like Plitvice Lakes, the region offers a paradise for hikers, kayakers, and those seeking the serenity of unspoiled nature.

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Explore the unique cultural heritage and natural beauty of a region that remains less explored, offering authentic experiences away from the tourist crowds.

Choose this region if you’re curious about… discovering the roads less traveled, rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, and if you seek adventures in some of Europe’s most stunning landscapes.

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LatviaThe Baltics: A Symphony of Culture and Nature

The Baltic States, with their blend of German, Scandinavian, Polish, and Russian influences, offer a vibrant cultural scene in their capitals—Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius—each rich in history, art, and architectural beauty.

Outdoor Adventures: The Baltic States are not only rich in culture but also abound with natural beauty, making them a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The extensive forests, serene lakes, and pristine coastlines offer peaceful retreats for hiking, cycling, and bird-watching. The region’s national parks, such as Lahemaa in Estonia, Gauja in Latvia, and Aukštaitija in Lithuania, provide a stunning backdrop for nature lovers to explore the great outdoors.

Sustainability Efforts: The Baltics are leaders in sustainability, with initiatives aimed at preserving their natural and historical sites. Travelers can engage in eco-friendly activities, contributing to the conservation of these beautiful landscapes.

Choose this region if you’re curious about… the harmonious blend of diverse historical influences and the tranquility of the natural world. It’s perfect for those seeking to combine cultural exploration with outdoor adventures in some of Europe’s most sustainable and serene settings.

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Iceland and The Azores (Portugal): The Power of Natural BeautyIceland landscape

Iceland and The Azores, while known for their stunning natural beauty, also have deep-rooted cultural narratives. Iceland’s sagas and folklore tell tales of Vikings and ancient settlers, while The Azores offer insights into the life of islanders deeply connected to the sea and volcanic landscapes.

Outdoor Adventures: These destinations are a paradise for those seeking engagement with the elements. Iceland offers the chance to witness geysers, waterfalls, and the Northern Lights, while The Azores provide opportunities for whale watching, hiking volcanic craters, and enjoying hot springs amidst lush greenery.

Sustainability Practices: Both Iceland and The Azores are at the forefront of sustainability, offering eco-friendly ways to explore and appreciate their natural wonders without leaving a footprint.

Choose these destinations if you’re curious about… the awe-inspiring power of nature and the stories of resilience, adaptation, and connection to the environment. Ideal for nature lovers, outdoor adventurers, those passionate about sustainability, and those looking for an immersive experience in some of the world’s most unique landscapes.

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Greenland homesGreenland: Arctic Majesty and Inuit Traditions

A destination for the heartiest of travelers, Greenland offers a unique blend of Inuit culture and Norse history, set against the backdrop of its vast ice sheets and rugged mountains. It’s a place where traditional ways of life meet modernity, and the local communities maintain a deep connection with the land and sea.

Outdoor Adventures: From dog sledding across frozen landscapes to kayaking among icebergs in the midnight sun, Greenland is an adventure lover’s paradise. The dramatic scenery of fjords, glaciers, and ice caps provides unparalleled opportunities for exploration and photography.

Sustainability Practices: In Greenland, sustainability is not just a concept but a way of life. Travelers can witness firsthand the impacts of climate change and learn about efforts to preserve the Arctic environment and its unique wildlife.

Choose Greenland if you’re curious about… experiencing the majestic solitude of the Arctic, engaging with indigenous traditions, and witnessing the raw power of nature. Greenland’s remote beauty offers a profound perspective on our planet’s fragility and the importance of conservation efforts.

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The Czech Republic: Bohemian RhapsodyPrague

The Czech Republic, with its storied history, is a jewel in the heart of Europe. Prague, the capital, is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, including the iconic Charles Bridge and the historic Prague Castle, offering a window into the past.

Outdoor Adventures: Beyond its urban centers, the Czech Republic offers lush landscapes like the Bohemian Paradise and the Moravian Karst, perfect for hiking, cycling, and exploring natural wonders.

Culinary Exploration: Czech cuisine, with its hearty dishes, famous beers, and quaint café culture, provides a comforting exploration of the country’s culinary traditions, from Prague to the smaller towns and villages.

Choose this destination if you’re curious about… wandering through historic cities and towns, experiencing the charm of Central Europe, and enjoying the great outdoors in some of the continent’s most enchanting landscapes.

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IstanbulTurkey: A Crossroads of Civilizations

Turkey’s rich tapestry weaves together the legacy of empires—Byzantine, Ottoman, and many others—that have ruled this land, standing at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Istanbul epitomizes this blend, with its stunning Hagia Sophia, the mesmerizing Blue Mosque, and the bustling Grand Bazaar.

Outdoor Adventures: Turkey’s landscapes are as diverse as its culture, offering everything from the fairy chimneys and cave churches of Cappadocia, ideal for hot air ballooning, to the pristine beaches of the Turquoise Coast, perfect for sailing and swimming.

Culinary Journey: Turkish cuisine is a flavorful journey of spices, sweets, and succulent kebabs. From street food in Istanbul to seafood along the Aegean coast, each dish tells a story of Turkey’s rich culinary heritage.

Choose this destination if you’re curious about… exploring the rich mosaic of cultures that have flourished in this land that connects Europe and Asia, marveling at architectural wonders that span centuries, and embarking on outdoor adventures through unique landscapes.

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Embarking on a journey with Journeys International across Europe is an invitation to immerse yourself in the continent’s diverse tapestry of cultures, histories, and natural beauty. Each destination offers its own unique set of experiences, from the rich historical layers and culinary delights of Spain, Greece, and Italy to the off-the-beaten-path adventures in the Balkans, the serene natural beauty of the Baltic States, and the elemental power of Iceland, The Azores, Greenland and beyond. As our alumni well know, journeys are not just about seeing new places; they’re about deeply connecting with different cultures, engaging with history, indulging in local cuisines, embracing outdoor adventures, and committing to sustainable travel practices. Whether you’re drawn to the cultural confluences of ancient lands, the tranquility of untouched nature, or the thrill of culinary exploration, Europe’s rich mosaic awaits your discovery.

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